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Improved neurocognitive performance in FIV infected cats following treatment with the p75 neurotrophin receptor ligand LM11A-31 164 10

Acute treatment with TrkB agonist LM22A-4 confers neuroprotection and preserves myelin integrity in a mouse model of pediatric traumatic brain injury 164 113 65 10 2

Hippocampal silent infarct leads to subtle cognitive decline that is associated with inflammation and gliosis at twenty-four hours after injury in a rat model 164 113 10 2

Methotrexate carried in lipid core nanoparticles reduces microglial activation and is neuroprotective after ischemic cortical stroke 164 141 10

Age and neuroinflammation are important components of the mechanism of cognitive and neurobehavioral deficits in sickle cell disease. 164 113 15 10 2

Sexually dimorphic responses to MPTP found in microglia, inflammation and gut microbiota in a progressive monkey model of Parkinson's disease 164 54 10 2

Experimental Stroke Induces Chronic Gut Dysbiosis and Neuroinflammation in Male Mice 164 101 10

Mild traumatic brain injury induces transient, sequential increases in proliferation, neurogenesis, and cell survival: a time course study in the male mouse dentate gyrus 164 113 11 2

Anti-inflammatory treatment with FTY720 starting after onset of symptoms reverses synaptic and memory deficits in an AD mouse model 164 32 10 2

Direct reprogramming of astrocytes to neurons leads to functional recovery after stroke 164 11 10 2

Indirect traumatic optic neuropathy after head trauma in adolescent male mice is associated with behavioral visual impairment, neurodegeneration, and elevated endoplasmic reticulum stress markers at acute and subacute times. 164 72 69 10 2

Pharmacological depletion of microglia prevents vascular cognitive impairment in Ang II-induced hypertension 164 10 3

Red-light (670 nm) therapy reduces mechanical sensitivity and neuronal cell death, and alters glial responses following spinal cord injury in rats 164 110 10 3

Freshly Thawed Cryobanked Human Neural Stem Cells Engraft within Endogenous Neurogenic Niches and Restore Cognitive Function Following Chronic Traumatic Brain Injury 164 57 10

Microglia-to-astrocyte communication modulates synaptic and cerebrovascular functions following traumatic brain injury 164 77 11 10 3

The Effect of Choline Alphoscerate on Non spatial memory and Neurogenesis in a Rat Model of Dual Stress 164 141 113 15 10 2

Diverse Changes in Microglia Morphology and Axonal Pathology Over One Year after Mild Traumatic Brain Injury in Pigs 164 15 10

Can quantifying morphology and TMEM119 expression distinguish between microglia and infiltrating macrophages after ischemic stroke and reperfusion in male and female mice? 164 10

MicroRNA-9 Mediated the Protective Effect of Ferulic Acid on Hypoxic-Ischemic Brain Injury in Neonatal Rats 164 74 10 3 2

Chronic morphine administration differentially modulates viral reservoirs in SIVmac251 infected rhesus macaque model 164 27 10

Systemic Bone Loss Following Myocardial Infarction in Mice is Mitigated by Treatment with a β3 Adrenergic Receptor Antagonist 164 10 3

Lentiviral interleukin-10 gene therapy preserves fine motor circuitry and function after a cervical spinal cord injury in male and female mice 164 11 10 2

Evaluation of IL-1 blockade as an adjunct to linezolid therapy for tuberculosis in mice and macaques 164 10

Both HIV Infection and Conditional Tat Expression Decrease Prepulse Inhibition with Further Impairment by Methamphetamine History in Humans 164 113 15 2

Compensatory hippocampal neurogenesis in the absence of cognitive impairment following experimental hippocampectomy in adult rats 164 113 15 2

Imaging meningeal inflammation in CNS autoimmunity identifies a therapeutic role for BTK inhibition 164 10

Continuous administration of the p38α inhibitor neflamapimod during the subacute phase after transient ischemia-induced stroke in the rat promotes dose-dependent functional recovery accompanied by increase in brain BDNF protein level 64 10

When is a control not a control? Reactive microglia occur throughout the control contralateral visual pathway in experimental glaucoma 164 72 2

Herpes zoster in HIV-1 infection: the role of CSF pleocytosis in secondary CSF escape and discordance 164 15 10

Voluntary running does not increase capillary blood flow but promotes neurogenesis and short-term memory in the APP/PS1 mouse model of Alzheimers disease 32 10 2

Peripheral electrical stimulation augments cerebral collateral circulation if performed within a critical time window. 164 10

Validation and standardization of a new radial-arm water maze protocol using a murine model of mild closed head traumatic brain injury 113 2

Neuronal dysfunctions and cognitive deficits in a multi-hit rat model following cumulative effects of early life stressors 164 113 65 15 10

Microglia-targeted dendrimer-2PMPA therapy robustly inhibits GCPII and improves cognition in a mouse model of multiple sclerosis 164 10

Old drugs with new tricks: Efficacy of fluoroquinolones to suppress replication of flaviviruses 164 41 10

Soluble RANKL exaggerates hindlimb suspension-induced osteopeniabut not muscle protein balance 164 141 15 10

Stroke increases the expression of ACE2, the SARS-CoV-2 binding receptor, in murine lungs 36 1

Traumatic stress history interacts with chronic peripheral inflammation to alter mitochondrial function of synaptosomes in a sex-specific manner 141 56 15 10 2

Diastolic Dysfunction Accompanies Alterations in Myocardial Structure, Cellular Composition and Macrophage Polarization in Survivors of Ionizing Radiation Exposure 164 15 10

Impact of formate supplementation on body weight and plasma amino acids 164 15 10

Relating Bone Strain to Local Changes in Radius Microstructure Following 12 Months of Axial Forearm Loading in Women 164 15

The CNS lymphatic system modulates the adaptive neuro-immune response in the perilesional cortex in a mouse model of traumatic brain injury 88 10 2

D1, not D2, dopamine receptor activation dramatically improves MPTP-induced parkinsonism unresponsive to levodopa 164 10

Once delayed non-invasive remote ischemic preconditioning protects against early stroke by modulating neuroinflammatory responses in rats 110 10 2

Bidirectional regulation of cognitive and anxiety-like behaviors by dentate gyrus mossy cells in male and female mice 56 11 2

Macrophages respond rapidly to ototoxic injury of lateral line hair cells but are not required for hair cell regeneration 164 150 3

Neonatal immune challenge induces female-specific changes in social behavior and somatostatin cell number, independent of microglial inflammatory signaling 110 56 27 11 10 2

Role of sex and high fat diet in metabolic and hypothalamic disturbances in the 3xTg-AD mouse model of Alzheimer's disease 39 32 10

Microglial phagocytosis dysfunction is related to local neuronal activity in a genetic model of epilepsy 124 65 11 10 2

GLP-1R agonist NLY01 reduces retinal inflammation, astrocyte reactivity, and retinal ganglion cell death secondary to ocular hypertension. 110 72 10 3

MeCP2 deficiency exacerbates the neuroinflammatory setting and autoreactive response during an autoimmune challenge: implications for Rett Syndrome. 110 27 10 3

Increased severity of closed head injury or repetitive subconcussive head impacts enhances post-traumatic headache-like behaviors in a rat model. 141 113 10

The effects of multi-day rTMS and cardiorespiratory fitness on working memory and local GABA concentration 80 2

Calcium- and Phosphorus-Supplemented Diet Increases Bone Volume After Four Weeks of High-Speed Treadmill Exercise in Adult Mice 15 10

Hydroxychloroquine increased psychiatric-like behaviors and disrupted the expression of related genes in the mouse brain 113 10

Loss of the extracellular matrix molecule tenascin-C leads to absence of reactive gliosis and promotes anti-inflammatory cytokine expression in an autoimmune glaucoma mouse model 110 72 10 3

Primate-specific response of astrocytes to stroke limits peripheral macrophage infiltration 150 10 3

Life-long persistence of infectious Zika virus: Inflammation and behavioral sequela 27 10

Changes in the functional connectome and behavior after exposure to chronic stress and increasing neurogenesis 113 11 2

SIV and Mycobacterium tuberculosis synergy within the granuloma accelerates the reactivation pattern of latent tuberculosis 174 27 10

Brain connectivity during Alzheimer's disease progression and its cognitive impact in a transgenic rat model 32 22 2

Sodium valproate protects against neuronal ferroptosis in epilepsy via suppressing lysyl oxidase 188 10 3

Antisense oligonucleotides targeting alpha-synuclein reduce pre-formed fibril-induced Lewy pathology and improve some domains of cognitive and motor performance 54 10

Circulating levels of epirubicin cause endothelial senescence while compromising metabolic activity and vascular function 10 3

Sex hormones underlying 17a-Estradiol effects on neuroinflammation 56 10

Spectral Signatures of L-DOPA-Induced Dyskinesia Depend on L-DOPA Dose and are Suppressed by Ketamine 42 2

Inhibition of IL34 unveils tissue-selectivity and is sufficient to reduce microglial proliferation in chronic neurodegeneration 110 32 27 10 3

Subcellular localization of TAU isoforms and their influence on microtubule dynamics 164 120

Region-specific and dose-specific effects of chronic haloperidol exposure on Ro15-4513 GABA-A receptor binding sites in the rat brain 141 113 64 10 2

Sex-specific gut microbiota modulation of aversive conditioning and basolateral amygdala dendritic spine density 56 11 2

Dystrophic microglia are a disease associated microglia morphology in the human brain 32 22 2

Combined knockout of Lrrk2 and Rab29 does not result in behavioral abnormalities in vivo 54 30 10

Remodeling gut microbiota by Streptococcus thermophilus 19 attenuates inflammation in septic mice 101 10 3

Oxytocin has sex-specific effects on social behaviour and hypothalamic oxytocin immunoreactive cells but not hippocampal neurogenesis in adult rats. 56 15 11 10 2

Myocardial damage induced by a single high dose of isoproterenol in C57BL/6J mice triggers a persistent adaptive immune response against the heart. 153 10

Deficiency of complement component C1Q prevents cerebrovascular damage and white matter loss in a mouse model of chronic obesity 110 39 10 3

Early-life stress facilitates the development of Alzheimer's disease pathology via angiopathy 32 10 3 2

JN403, an alpha-7-nicotine-acetylcholine-receptor agonist, reduces alpha-synuclein induced inflammatory parameters of in vitro microglia but fails to attenuate the reduction of TH positive nigral neurons in a focal alpha-synuclein overexpression mouse model of Parkinson's disease. 54 10 3

The combination of lipopolysaccharide and D-galactosamine administration show positive genotoxic effect in mice liver 141 10

Sex-dependent effects of chronic exercise on cognitive flexibility in aging mice 56 15 2

Oral immunization of broilers with chitosan nano-encapsulated extracellular and cell wall proteins of necrotic enteritis-induced Clostridium perfringens 164 10

Developmental exposure to the organochlorine pesticide dieldrin causes male-specific exacerbation of α-synuclein-preformed fibril-induced toxicity and motor deficits 54 15 10 2

Systemic inflammation causes microglial dysfunction with a mixed AD-like pathology. 32 10

Proteomic and mitochondrial adaptations to early-life stress are distinct in juveniles and adults 56 15 10 2

Single exposure to social defeat or immobilization stress fails to induce lasting alterations in general anxiety and hippocampal neurogenesis in Wistar and wild-type Groningen rats 141 113 15 10 2

A computational grid-to-place-cell transformation model indicates a synaptic driver of place cell impairment in early-stage Alzheimer's Disease 32 11 2

Pronounced α-synuclein pathology in a seeding-based mouse model is not sufficient to induce mitochondrial respiration deficits in the striatum and amygdala 54 10 2

Treated HIV Infection Alters Phenotype But Not HIV-specific Function of Peripheral Blood Natural Killer Cells 88 27 10 3

The Transition from Acute to Chronic Pain: Dynamic Epigenetic Reprogramming of the Mouse Prefrontal Cortex up to One Year Following Nerve Injury 87 9 2

Muscle progenitor cells are required for the regenerative response and prevention of adipogenesis after limb ischemia 10 3

Evaluation of M2-like macrophage enrichment after diffuse traumatic brain injury through transient interleukin-4 expression from engineered mesenchymal stromal cells 110 10 3

A KCNQ2 variant causing Early Onset Epileptic Encephalopathy increases spontaneous network-driven activity and excitability of pyramidal cells in the layer II/III and V of the motor cortex during a limited period of development 11 2

Neuron-specific cilia loss alters locomotor responses to amphetamine. 141 71 56 11 2

Mechanical Loading Recovers Bone but not Muscle Lost During Unloading 141 15 10

Infralimbic cortical glutamate output is necessary for the neural and behavioral consequences of chronic stress 113 11 2

White Matter Disruption in Pediatric Traumatic Brain Injury: Results from ENIGMA Pediatric msTBI 75 15 2

AIM2 Inflammasome Mediates Hallmark Neuropathological Alterations and Cognitive Impairment in a Mouse Model of Vascular Dementia 110 10 3

Reduced anterior cingulate cortex volume induced by chronic stress correlates with increased behavioral emotionality and decreased synaptic puncta density 113 71 65 11 2

Sex differences in maturation and attrition of adult neurogenesis in the hippocampus 56 15 2

Microvascular Injury in Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Accelerates Alzheimer-like Pathogenesis in Mice 32 10 3