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Reelin deficiency contributes to long-term behavioral abnormalities induced by chronic adolescent exposure to Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol in mice 113 71 65 11 2

Infralimbic cortical glutamate output is necessary for the neural and behavioral consequences of chronic stress 113 11 2

Social isolation stress in adolescence, but not adulthood, produces hypersocial behavior in adult male and female C57BL/6J mice 141 113 56 30 15 11 2

Moderate early-life stress improves adult zebrafish (Danio rerio) spatial short-term memory but does not affect social and anxiety-like responses 113 30 15 2

Error-related cognitive control and behavioural adaptation mechanisms in the context of motor functioning and anxiety. 113 2

Programming effects of peripubertal stress on spatial learning 113 30 2

Development of the Brain Functional Connectome Follows Puberty-Dependent Nonlinear Trajectories 113 22 2

Increased Ethanol Intake is Associated with Social Anxiety in Offspring Exposed to Ethanol on Gestational Day 12 141 56 30 15 2

The Effects of Social Stress on Memory: If, How and When 113 23 2

Hydroxychloroquine increased psychiatric-like behaviors and disrupted the expression of related genes in the mouse brain 113 10

Adolescent intermittent ethanol exposure induces sex-dependent divergent changes in ethanol drinking and motor activity in adulthood in C57BL/6J mice 141 113 56 15 2

Examining the relationship between social cognition and neural synchrony during movies in children with and without autism 22 2

Decreased investigatory head scanning during exploration in learning-impaired, aged rats 113 66 30 2

Intrinsic, dynamic and effective connectivity among large-scale brain networks modulated by oxytocin 22 2

Post-weaning social isolation increases ΔFosB/FosB protein expression in the prefrontal cortex and hippocampus in mice 113 56 11 2

Behavioral effects of developmental exposure to JWH-018 in wild type and disrupted in schizophrenia 1 (disc1) mutant zebrafish 113 65 15 10

Reduced anterior cingulate cortex volume induced by chronic stress correlates with increased behavioral emotionality and decreased synaptic puncta density 113 71 65 11 2

Bidirectional regulation of cognitive and anxiety-like behaviors by dentate gyrus mossy cells in male and female mice 56 11 2

Chronic antidepressant treatments rescue reduced REM sleep theta power in a rat social defeat stress model of depression 113 65 2

Sexually divergent cortical control of affective-autonomic integration 56 11 2

Hippocampal silent infarct leads to subtle cognitive decline that is associated with inflammation and gliosis at twenty-four hours after injury in a rat model 164 113 10 2

Uncertainty-driven regulation of learning and exploration in adolescents: A computational account 58 23 2

The Suprachiasmatic Nucleus Regulates Anxiety-Like Behavior in Mice 113 2

Sex differences in cortisol and memory following acute social stress in amnestic mild cognitive impairment 113 15 2

Selective REM-Sleep Suppression Increases Next-Day Negative Affect and Amygdala Responses to Social Exclusion 113 22 2

Traumatic stress history interacts with chronic peripheral inflammation to alter mitochondrial function of synaptosomes in a sex-specific manner 141 56 15 10 2

Similarity of brain activity patterns during learning and subsequent resting state predicts memory consolidation 144 42 22 2

Aberrant ventral dentate gyrus structure and function in individuals susceptible to post-traumatic stress disorder 113 11 2

The effects of multi-day rTMS and cardiorespiratory fitness on working memory and local GABA concentration 80 2

Effect of tryptophan depletion on conditioned threat memory expression: role of intolerance of uncertainty 113 15 2

Adolescent Alcohol Binge-Drinking Insidiously Impairs Adult Behavior In Mice 141 56 30 15 10 2

The effects of regular aerobic exercise on hippocampal structure and function 113 22 15 2

Early maturational emergence of adult-like emotional reactivity and anxiety after brief exposure to an obesogenic diet 113 71 11 2

Sex-specific gut microbiota modulation of aversive conditioning and basolateral amygdala dendritic spine density 56 11 2

Sexually divergent effects of social dominance on chronic stress outcomes in mice 56 30 15 2

Age-related alterations in prelimbic cortical neuron Arc expression vary by behavioral state and cortical layer 116 22 2

Girls gone wild: Social isolation induces hyperactivity and exploration in aged female mice 113 30 15 2

Physical activity is positively related to local functional connectivity in adolescents' brains 22 2

Memory specificity is linked to repetition effects in event-related potentials across the lifespan 66 23 2

Emergence of Non-Linear Mixed Selectivity in Prefrontal Cortex after Training 100 23 2

Autonomic activity during a daytime nap facilitates working memory improvement 144 113 2

Acute Stress Reduces Reward-Related Neural Activity: Evidence from the Reward Positivity 113 2

Altered hypothalamic DNA methylation and stress-induced hyperactivity in a novel model of early life stress 113 65 9

High-frequency stimulation of ventral CA1 neurons reduces amygdala activity and inhibits fear 66 2

Reduced language lateralization in autism and the broader autism phenotype as assessed with robust individual-subjects analyses 22 2

Validation and standardization of a new radial-arm water maze protocol using a murine model of mild closed head traumatic brain injury 113 2

Perinatal IL-1-induced Inflammation Suppresses Tbr2+ Intermediate Progenitor Cell Proliferation in the Developing Hippocampus accompanied by Long-Term Behavioral Deficits 113 65 10 2

Proteomic and mitochondrial adaptations to early-life stress are distinct in juveniles and adults 56 15 10 2

No evidence for effect of reward motivation on coding of behaviorally relevant category distinctions across the frontoparietal cortex 23 22 2

Neuronal activity in sensory cortex predicts the specificity of learning. 113 2

Load-dependent modulation of alpha oscillations during working memory encoding and retention in young and older adults 144 42 23 15 2

RDoC Mechanisms of Transdiagnostic Polygenic Risk for Trajectories of Depression: From Early Adolescence to Adulthood 113 19 15

Dissociating breathlessness symptoms from mood in asthma 113 15 2

Changes in the functional connectome and behavior after exposure to chronic stress and increasing neurogenesis 113 11 2

Sex-dependent effects of chronic exercise on cognitive flexibility in aging mice 56 15 2

Intrinsic activity temporal structure reactivity to behavioural state change is correlated with depressive symptoms 113 2

Neuroendocrine and behavioral measures of negative valence in male sign-tracker and goal-tracker rats 71 30 2

Age-related differences in structural and functional networks involved in empathy for positive and negative emotions 22 2

Voluntary running does not increase capillary blood flow but promotes neurogenesis and short-term memory in the APP/PS1 mouse model of Alzheimers disease 32 10 2

Beneficial effects of cerebellar tDCS on motor learning are associated with altered putamen-cerebellar connectivity: a simultaneous tDCS-fMRI study 80 22 2

Neural mechanisms underlying distractor inhibition on the basis of feature and/or spatial expectations. 23 2

Adaptation of reach action to a novel force-field is not predicted by acuity of dynamic proprioception in either older or younger adults 144 96 23 2

Sex-specific calibration of memory recall by glucocorticoid receptors on cortical astrocytes 113 11 2

Inhibition of Striatal-Enriched Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase (STEP) Activity Reverses Behavioral Deficits in a Rodent Model of Autism. 65 11 2

Individual-subject functional localization increases univariate activation but not multivariate pattern discriminability in the 'multiple-demand' frontoparietal network 22 2

Extended access self-administration of methamphetamine is associated with age- and sex-dependent differences in drug taking behavior and recognition memory deficits in rats 141 71 56 30 15 2

Robust range of auditory periphery development, eye opening, and brain gene expression in Wistar rat pups that experience variation in maternal backgrounds 113 2

Functional connectivity within and between n-back modulated regions: An adult lifespan PPI investigation 22 2

Chronic stress exacerbates acute stress-induced neuronal activation in the anterior cingulate cortex and ventral hippocampus that correlates with behavioral deficits in mice 113 65 11 2

Moderate adolescent chronic intermittent ethanol exposure sex-dependently disrupts synaptic transmission and kappa opioid receptor function in the basolateral amygdala of adult rats 141 71 56 11 2

Chronic activation of fear engrams induces extinction-like behavior in ethanol-exposed mice 71 11 2

Ketamine blocks morphine-induced conditioned place preference and anxiety-like behaviors in mice. 141 71 15 10 2

Cerebellar degeneration reduces memory resilience after extended training 144 113 23 2

The microbial metabolite p-Cresol induces autistic-like behaviors in mice by remodeling the gut microbiota 65 11 10 2

Methylphenidate normalizes aberrant beta oscillations and reduces alpha power during retention in children with ADHD 144 42 2

Increased mGlu5 mRNA expression in BLA glutamate neurons facilitates resilience to the long- term effects of a single predator scent stress exposure. 141 113 71 11 10 2

Making Good Choices: Social Interaction in Mice Mitigates Chronic Stress-Induced Adaptive Changes in Decision Making 58 30 15 2

Dynamic longitudinal behavior in animals exposed to chronic social defeat stress 30 15

Neural correlates of interpersonal space permeability and flexibility in autism spectrum disorder 113 22 2

Severe childhood and adulthood stress associates with neocortical layer-specific reductions of mature spines in psychiatric disorders 113 11 2

BDNF overexpression in the ventral hippocampus promotes antidepressant- and anxiolytic-like activity in serotonin transporter knockout rats 113 30 10 2

Cerebellar and Prefrontal-Cortical Engagement During Higher-Order Rule Learning in Older Adulthood 22 2

Adolescent intermittent ethanol exposure effects on kappa opioid receptor mediated dopamine transmission: Sex and age of exposure matter 141 71 56 11 2

Prior cocaine exposure increases firing to immediate reward while attenuating cue and context signals related to reward value in anterior insula 71 58 2

Increased functional coupling of the mu opioid receptor in the anterior insula of depressed individuals 113 2

Schizophrenia-associated variation at ZNF804A correlates with altered experience-dependent dynamics of sleep slow-waves and spindles in healthy young adults 144 113 2

NREM consolidation and increased spindle counts improve age-related memory impairments and hippocampal representations 66 2

Attention and reinforcement learning in Parkinson's disease 22 2

Early life adversity decreases fear expression in pre-adolescence by accelerating amygdalar parvalbumin cell development 104 11 2

Rapid changes in brain activity during learning of grapheme-phoneme associations in adults 23 2

Exposure to maternal high-fat diet induces extensive changes in the brain of adult offspring 65 39 11 2

Single exposure to social defeat or immobilization stress fails to induce lasting alterations in general anxiety and hippocampal neurogenesis in Wistar and wild-type Groningen rats 141 113 15 10 2

Activity level in left auditory cortex predicts behavioral performance in inhibition tasks in children 23 2

Forced Abstinence from Alcohol Induces Sex-Specific Depression-like Behavioral and Neural Adaptations in Somatostatin Neurons in Cortical and Amygdalar Regions 71 11 2

BDNF Overexpression in the Prelimbic Cortex Does Not Reduce Anxiety- and Depression-like Behavior in Serotonin Knockout Rats 113 30 10

The Development of Cognitive Control in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders or Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: A Longitudinal fMRI study 113 22 2

Depressive-like behaviors induced by somatostatin-positive GABA neuron silencing are rescued by alpha 5 GABA-A receptor potentiation 65 11 10 3 2

Acute Exercise Following Skill Practice Promotes Motor Memory Consolidation in Parkinson's Disease 113 15 2

Physical activity and aerobic fitness show different associations with brain processes underlying anticipatory selective visuospatial attention in adolescents 113 42 2

Conflict Processing in Schizophrenia: Dissociable Neural Mechanisms Revealed by the N2 and Frontal Midline Theta 144 42 2