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Increased Ethanol Intake is Associated with Social Anxiety in Offspring Exposed to Ethanol on Gestational Day 12 141 56 30 15 2

Adolescent intermittent ethanol exposure induces sex-dependent divergent changes in ethanol drinking and motor activity in adulthood in C57BL/6J mice 141 113 56 15 2

Effects of the GluN2B antagonist, Ro 25-6981, on extinction consolidation following adolescent- or adult-onset methamphetamine self-administration in male and female rats 141 56 15 2

Adolescent intermittent ethanol exposure effects on kappa opioid receptor mediated dopamine transmission: Sex and age of exposure matter 141 71 56 11 2

Traumatic stress history interacts with chronic peripheral inflammation to alter mitochondrial function of synaptosomes in a sex-specific manner 141 56 15 10 2

Moderate adolescent chronic intermittent ethanol exposure sex-dependently disrupts synaptic transmission and kappa opioid receptor function in the basolateral amygdala of adult rats 141 71 56 11 2

Social isolation stress in adolescence, but not adulthood, produces hypersocial behavior in adult male and female C57BL/6J mice 141 113 56 30 15 11 2

Combined Vapor Exposure to THC and Alcohol in Pregnant Rats: Maternal Outcomes and Pharmacokinetic Effects 141 64 15 10

Extended access self-administration of methamphetamine is associated with age- and sex-dependent differences in drug taking behavior and recognition memory deficits in rats 141 71 56 30 15 2

Adolescent Alcohol Binge-Drinking Insidiously Impairs Adult Behavior In Mice 141 56 30 15 10 2

Alterations of the rewarding actions of amphetamine by prior nicotine and alcohol treatment: The role of age and dopamine 141 71 15 10 2

Neuron-specific cilia loss alters locomotor responses to amphetamine. 141 71 56 11 2

Third-party prosocial behavior in adult female rats is impaired after perinatal fluoxetine exposure 141 56 30 15 10

Region-specific and dose-specific effects of chronic haloperidol exposure on Ro15-4513 GABA-A receptor binding sites in the rat brain 141 113 64 10 2

Maternal cannabis vapor exposure causes long-term alterations in emotional reactivity, social behavior, and behavioral flexibility in offspring. 141 113 56 15 2

Central amygdala mineralocorticoid receptors modulate alcohol self-administration. 141 71 10 2

Maternal Continuous Oral Oxycodone Self-Administration Alters Pup Affective/Social Communication but not Spatial Learning or Sensory-Motor Function 141 113 15 10

Moderate episodic prenatal alcohol does not impact female offspring fertility in rats 141 56 15 10

Metabolic Reprogramming by In Utero Maternal Benzene Exposure 141 39 10 3

Establishing Preclinical Withdrawal Syndrome Symptomatology Following Heroin Self-Administration in Male and Female Rats 141 56 15 10

Repeated morphine exposure activates synaptogenesis and other neuroplasticity-related gene networks in the prefrontal cortex of male and female rats 141 56 9

Female rat sexual behavior is unaffected by perinatal fluoxetine exposure 141 56 30 15 2

Ketamine blocks morphine-induced conditioned place preference and anxiety-like behaviors in mice. 141 71 15 10 2

Microstructural meal pattern analysis reveals that nicotine is a potent anti-anorectic drug despite producing long-term anorexigenic effects 141 113 30 10 2

Enduring consequences of perinatal fentanyl exposure in mice 141 113 15 10 2

Risk-based Decision Making in Rats: Modulation by Sex and Amphetamine 141 56 15 2

Antinociceptive, hypothermic, and appetitive effects of vaped and injected Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in rats: exposure and dose-effect comparisons by strain and sex 141 30 15 10

Increased alcohol self-administration following exposure to the predator odor TMT in high stress-reactive female rats 141 113 30 15 2

Adolescent rats show estrous cycle-mediated sex differences in extinction of conditioned fear 141 56 30 15 2

Oxytocin has sex-specific effects on social behaviour and hypothalamic oxytocin immunoreactive cells but not hippocampal neurogenesis in adult rats. 56 15 11 10 2

Perinatal THC Exposure via Lactation Induces Lasting Alterations to Social Behavior and Prefrontal Cortex Function in Rats at Adulthood 141 113 11 2

The combination of lipopolysaccharide and D-galactosamine administration show positive genotoxic effect in mice liver 141 10

Ontogenetic Oxycodone Exposure Affects Early-Life Communicative Behaviors, Sensorimotor Reflexes, and Weight Trajectory in Mice 141 113 15 10

Effects of date fruit (Phoenix dactylifera) on sperm cell morphology and reproductive hormonal profiles in cypermethrin-induced male infertility 141 64 15 10

Sex-dependent effects of chronic intermittent voluntary alcohol consumption on attentional, not motivational, measures during probabilistic learning and reversal 141 113 56 15 2

Female rats self-administer heroin by vapor inhalation 141 64 15 10

Single exposure to social defeat or immobilization stress fails to induce lasting alterations in general anxiety and hippocampal neurogenesis in Wistar and wild-type Groningen rats 141 113 15 10 2

Does chronic systemic injection of the DREADD agonists clozapine-N-oxide or compound 21 change behavior relevant to locomotion, exploration, anxiety, and depression in male non-DREADD-expressing mice? 141 30 15 10 2

Increased severity of closed head injury or repetitive subconcussive head impacts enhances post-traumatic headache-like behaviors in a rat model. 141 113 10

Isoproterenol-induced Cardiac Dysfunction in Male and Female C57Bl/6 Mice 141 64 15 10

The Effect of Choline Alphoscerate on Non spatial memory and Neurogenesis in a Rat Model of Dual Stress 164 141 113 15 10 2

Developmental exposure to the organochlorine pesticide dieldrin causes male-specific exacerbation of α-synuclein-preformed fibril-induced toxicity and motor deficits 54 15 10 2

Reelin deficiency contributes to long-term behavioral abnormalities induced by chronic adolescent exposure to Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol in mice 113 71 65 11 2

Increased mGlu5 mRNA expression in BLA glutamate neurons facilitates resilience to the long- term effects of a single predator scent stress exposure. 141 113 71 11 10 2

Caffeine Increases the Reinforcing Efficacy of Alcohol, an Effect that is Independent of Dopamine D2 Receptor Function 141 71 30 15 10

Early-life Temperature Exposure Affects Thyroid Hormone Receptor Signaling and Epigenetic Regulation of the Paraventricular Nucleus in Female Rat Pups 141 87 56 15 10

Peri-adolescent THC Exposure Does not Lead to Anxiety-like Behavior in Adult Mice 141 113 30 10

Spectral Signatures of L-DOPA-Induced Dyskinesia Depend on L-DOPA Dose and are Suppressed by Ketamine 42 2

p38delta genetic ablation protects female mice from anthracycline cardiotoxicity 141 10 3

Sexually divergent effects of social dominance on chronic stress outcomes in mice 56 30 15 2

Fentanyl-induced antinociception, reward, reinforcement, and withdrawal in Hnrnph1 mutant mice 71 56 10

Rats remember: Lack of drug-induced post-retrieval amnesia for auditory fear memories 141 113 15 10

Sex-specific gut microbiota modulation of aversive conditioning and basolateral amygdala dendritic spine density 56 11 2

Baclofen decreases compulsive alcohol drinking in rats characterised by reduced levels of GAT-3 in the central amygdala 141 71 10

Sex-dependent effects of chronic exercise on cognitive flexibility in aging mice 56 15 2

Potentials of Aqueous Extract of Bambusa vulgaris to Reactivate β-Cells of Pancreas in Alloxan-Induced Diabetic Wistar Rats 141 15 10

Pursuing the Mechanisms Underlying Alcohol-Induced Changes in the Ghrelin System: New Insights from Preclinical and Clinical Investigations 141 10

Elevated blood pressure in high fat diet-exposed low birth weight rat offspring is most likely caused by elevated glucocorticoid levels 141 39 10

The effects of cannabidiol on cue- and stress-induced reinstatement of cocaine seeking behavior in mice are reverted by the CB1 receptor antagonist AM4113. 71 10 2

Chronic low-dose dioxin exposure accelerates high fat diet-induced hyperglycemia in female mice 109 39 10 3

Sex difference in the modulation of responding to an alcohol-predictive cue by an alcohol-associated context 141 56 15 2

Maternal exposure to the cannabinoid agonist WIN 55,12,2 during lactation induces lasting behavioral and synaptic alterations in the rat adult offspring of both sexes 141 71 11 2

Sexually divergent cortical control of affective-autonomic integration 56 11 2

Anxiety enhances pain in a model of osteoarthritis and is associated with altered endogenous opioid function and reduced opioid analgesia 141 113 10

Fluoxetine treatment prevents cardiovascular changes in baroreflex and chemoreflex in rats subjected to chronic stress 141 64 10

Proteomic and mitochondrial adaptations to early-life stress are distinct in juveniles and adults 56 15 10 2

Infralimbic cortical glutamate output is necessary for the neural and behavioral consequences of chronic stress 113 11 2

Pterostilbene Protects Cochlea from Ototoxicity in Streptozotocin-Induced Diabetic Rats by Inhibiting the Apoptosis 141 10

The Maintenance of Muscle Mass Is Independent of Testosterone in Adult Male Mice 141 15 10

A preliminary study on the reproductive toxicity of GS-5734 on male mice 141 15 10

Bidirectional regulation of cognitive and anxiety-like behaviors by dentate gyrus mossy cells in male and female mice 56 11 2

Chronic Developmental Lead Exposure increases μ-Opiate Receptor Levels in the Adolescent Rat Brain 141 64 56 15

Hydroxychloroquine increased psychiatric-like behaviors and disrupted the expression of related genes in the mouse brain 113 10

Forced Abstinence from Alcohol Induces Sex-Specific Depression-like Behavioral and Neural Adaptations in Somatostatin Neurons in Cortical and Amygdalar Regions 71 11 2

Maternal High Fiber Diet Protects Offspring Against Type 2 Diabetes 141 113 10

Sex differences in central inflammatory pain sensitization are associated with differential expression of glycine receptors and GLP-1 at the spinal cord 141 56 10 3

Role of prefrontal cortex projections to the nucleus accumbens core in mediating the effects of ceftriaxone on cued cocaine relapse 71 11 2

Dissection of the corticotroph transcriptome in a mouse model of glucocorticoid-induced suppression of the HPA axis 141 10

Prior cocaine exposure increases firing to immediate reward while attenuating cue and context signals related to reward value in anterior insula 71 58 2

Testing The Role Of Δ9-Tetrahydrocannabinol During Adolescence As A Gateway Drug: Behavioural, Brain Imaging And Transcriptomic Studies 71 56 2

Advanced age attenuates the antihyperalgesic effect of morphine and decreases μ-opioid receptor expression and binding in the rat midbrain Periaqueductal Gray in male and female rats 141 56 15 10

Cortico-hippocampal morphology and behavioural indices improved in maternal deprivation model of schizophrenia following vitamin B complex supplementation 141 113 15 10 2

Neonatal immune challenge induces female-specific changes in social behavior and somatostatin cell number, independent of microglial inflammatory signaling 110 56 27 11 10 2

How do zebrafish respond to MK-801 and amphetamine? Relevance for assessing schizophrenia-relevant endophenotypes in alternative model organisms 141 113 30 10 2

Perinatal exposure to fluoxetine and maternal adversity affect myelin-related gene expression and epigenetic regulation in the corticolimbic circuit of juvenile rats 56 11 2

Hippocampal silent infarct leads to subtle cognitive decline that is associated with inflammation and gliosis at twenty-four hours after injury in a rat model 164 113 10 2

Sexually dimorphic responses to MPTP found in microglia, inflammation and gut microbiota in a progressive monkey model of Parkinson's disease 164 54 10 2

Effects of dopamine receptor antagonism and amphetamine-induced psychomotor sensitization on sign- and goal-tracking after extended training 71 15 10 2

Neurokinin 1 receptor activation in the rat spinal cord maintains latent sensitization, a model of inflammatory and neuropathic chronic pain 141 10

Intracranial self-stimulation and concomitant behaviors following systemic methamphetamine administration in Hnrnph1 mutant mice 141 71 56 15 10

Hair glucocorticoids are not a historical marker of stress - exploring the time-scale of corticosterone incorporation into hairs in a rat model 180 141 15

Naringenin downregulates inflammation-mediated nitric oxide overproduction and potentiates endogenous antioxidant status during hyperglycemia 141 10

Post-weaning social isolation increases ΔFosB/FosB protein expression in the prefrontal cortex and hippocampus in mice 113 56 11 2


Moderate prenatal ethanol exposure increases total length of L1 axons in E15.5 mice 141 113 15 2

Influences of age and pubertal status on number of perineuronal nets in the rat medial prefrontal cortex 56 11 2

Effects of Kappa Opioid Receptor Agonists on Fentanyl vs. Food Choice in Male and Female Rats: Contingent vs. Non-Contingent Administration 141 71 30 15 10

Effects of Selective Dopamine D2 or D3 Receptor Antagonism on Morphine-Induced Locomotion in Mice 141 71 64 10

Nitrate and nitrite exposure increases anxiety-like behavior and alters brain metabolomic profile in zebrafish 141 113 30 15 10 2

Contrasting adaptations to synaptic physiology of prefrontal cortex interneuron subtypes in a mouse model of binge drinking 104 11 2