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The evolution of sex-biased gene expression in the Drosophila brain 56 21 9 5

Sex-specific responses to cold in a very cold-tolerant, northern Drosophila species 56 21 5

Sex-biased gene expression in rhesus macaque and human brains 56 21 9 5

Sex-specific effects of developmental density on life history and age-dependent flight traits 132 56 21 5

Influences of male age, mating history and starvation on female post mating aggression and feeding in Drosophila 56 30 21 15 5

The maintenance of polygenic sex determination depends on the dominance of fitness effects which are predictive of the role of sexual antagonism 56 21 5

Sex-specific expression and DNA methylation in a species with extreme sexual dimorphism and paternal genome elimination 56 9 5

Bidirectional regulation of cognitive and anxiety-like behaviors by dentate gyrus mossy cells in male and female mice 56 11 2

Reversed sex-biased mutation rates for indels and base substitutions in Drosophila melanogaster 56 21 5

How do biases in sex ratio and disease characteristics affect the spread of sexually transmitted infections? 56 30 21 5

No support for intra-nor inter-locus sexual conflict over mating latency and copulation duration in a polyandrous fruit fly 56 21 5

Molecular Evolution of the Sex Peptide Network in Drosophila 56 21 5

Interactions between the microbiome and mating influence the female's transcriptional profile in Drosophila melanogaster 56 9 3

Sex-biased reduction in reproductive success drives selective constraint on human genes 56 21 19 5

Sexually divergent effects of social dominance on chronic stress outcomes in mice 56 30 15 2

Toxic Y chromosome: increased repeat expression and age-associated heterochromatin loss in male Drosophila with a young Y chromosome 81 56 21 5

Sex differences in vocalizations to familiar or unfamiliar females in mice 56 30 15 5

Increased Ethanol Intake is Associated with Social Anxiety in Offspring Exposed to Ethanol on Gestational Day 12 141 56 30 15 2

Temperature-dependent effects of house fly proto-Y chromosomes on gene expression act independently of the sex determination pathway 21 5

Proteomic and mitochondrial adaptations to early-life stress are distinct in juveniles and adults 56 15 10 2

A mobile sex-determining region, male-specific haplotypes, and rearing environment influence age at maturity in Chinook salmon 56 21 5

A role for the Fem-1 gene of Drosophila melanogaster in adult courtship 56 21 5

Divergent selection on behavioral and chemical traits contributes to isolation between populations of Drosophila melanogaster 56 21 5

Adolescent Social Isolation Reprograms the Medial Amygdala: Transcriptome and Sex Differences in Reward 56 11 2

Impact of trait exaggeration on sex-biased gene expression and genome architecture in a water strider 56 21 5

Genetic manipulation of insulin/insulin-like growth factor signaling pathway activity has sex-biased effects on Drosophila body size 56 15

Female-specific upregulation of insulin pathway activity mediates the sex difference in Drosophila body size plasticity 56 3

Sex and estrogen receptor β have modest effects on gene expression in the mouse brain posterior cortex 56 9 2

Regulation of neural gene expression by estrogen receptor alpha 56 31 20 3

Sexually divergent cortical control of affective-autonomic integration 56 11 2

Sexual dimorphism of synaptonemal complex length in threespine stickleback fish 56 5

Differences in post-mating transcriptional responses between conspecific and heterospecific matings in Drosophila 56 21 5

Sex-Specific Evolution of the Genome-wide Recombination Rate 7 5

Estrogen and sex-dependent loss of the vocal learning system in female zebra finches 56 30 11 2

Consequences of combining life-history traits with sex-specific differences 56 21 5

Consequences of population structure for sex allocation and sexual conflict 132 56 21 5

Disparate regulation of imd drives sex differences in infection tolerance in Drosophila melanogaster 56 27 10 3

Sex, Age, and Parental Harmonic Convergence Behavior Affect the Immune Performance of Aedes aegypti Offspring 48 21 5

Sex hormones underlying 17a-Estradiol effects on neuroinflammation 56 10

Greater male than female variability in regional brain structure across the lifespan 56 22 15 2

Social environment drives sex and age-specific variation in Drosophila melanogaster microbiome composition and predicted function. 56 29 5

Is aggression costly? Acute aggressive behavior increases oxidative stress independently of testosterone 56 30 15 5

Sex-Specific Genetic Architecture Of Behavioral Traits In A Spider 56 21 5

Female and male plumage colour is linked to parental quality, pairing and extra-pair mating in a tropical passerine 56 7 5

Comparing proportional and ordinal dominance ranks reveals multiple competitive landscapes in an animal society 56 30 5

Altered Affective Behaviors in Casein Kinase 1 Epsilon Mutant Mice 56 30 15

Sexually antagonistic coevolution between the sex chromosomes of Drosophila melanogaster 132 56 21 5

Analysis of female song provides insight into the evolution of sex differences in a widely studied songbird 56 7 5

Sex-specific and sex-chromosome regulatory evolution underlie widespread misregulation of inter-species hybrid transcriptomes 56 21 5

Sex-dependent effects of chronic exercise on cognitive flexibility in aging mice 56 15 2

Evolution of reproductive traits have no apparent life-history associated cost in populations of Drosophila melanogaster selected for cold shock resistance 132 56 21 5

Oxytocin has sex-specific effects on social behaviour and hypothalamic oxytocin immunoreactive cells but not hippocampal neurogenesis in adult rats. 56 15 11 10 2

Fright and Fight: Role of predation and competition on mate search tactics of wild male zebrafish 56 30 5

The imprinted lncRNA Peg13 regulates sexual preference and the gender-specific brain transcriptome in mice 56 9

Consideration of genetic and sex effects in mice enhances consilience with human addiction studies. 56 9 5

Predicting the evolution of sexual dimorphism in gene expression 56 21 5

A putative novel role for Eip74EF in male reproduction in promoting sperm elongation at the cost of male fecundity 56 21 5

Sex-specific gut microbiota modulation of aversive conditioning and basolateral amygdala dendritic spine density 56 11 2

Epigenetic Consequences of Hormonal Interactions between Opposite-sex Twin Fetuses 56 30 15 9


Moderate adolescent chronic intermittent ethanol exposure sex-dependently disrupts synaptic transmission and kappa opioid receptor function in the basolateral amygdala of adult rats 141 71 56 11 2

Sexually dimorphic influence of the circadian clock gene Bmal1 in the striatum on alcohol intake 56 11 2

Perinatal exposure to fluoxetine and maternal adversity affect myelin-related gene expression and epigenetic regulation in the corticolimbic circuit of juvenile rats 56 11 2

Evolutionary genetics of Drosophila melanogaster immunity: role of the X chromosome and sex-specific dominance 56 21 5

Genetic variance in fitness and its cross-sex covariance predict adaptation during experimental evolution 132 21 5

Trajectory Mapping of the Early Drosophila Germline Reveals Controls of Zygotic Activation and Sex Determination 56 20 9 3

Conserved sex-biased DNA methylation patterns target key developmental genes and non-recombining region of the guppy sex chromosome 56 21 9 5

Adolescent intermittent ethanol exposure induces sex-dependent divergent changes in ethanol drinking and motor activity in adulthood in C57BL/6J mice 141 113 56 15 2

Females and hermaphrodites of the gynodioecious Geranium maculatum respond similarly to soil nutrient availability. 56 5

Traumatic stress history interacts with chronic peripheral inflammation to alter mitochondrial function of synaptosomes in a sex-specific manner 141 56 15 10 2

Effects of the GluN2B antagonist, Ro 25-6981, on extinction consolidation following adolescent- or adult-onset methamphetamine self-administration in male and female rats 141 56 15 2

Effects of male age and female presence on male associations in a large, polygynous mammal in southern India 170 56 7 5

Evolutionary stasis of the pseudoautosomal boundary in strepsirrhine primates 56 21 5

Seminal fluid protein divergence among populations exhibiting postmating prezygotic reproductive isolation 132 21 5

Adolescent Alcohol Binge-Drinking Insidiously Impairs Adult Behavior In Mice 141 56 30 15 10 2

The sources of sex differences in aging in annual fishes 56 21 5

Adolescent intermittent ethanol exposure effects on kappa opioid receptor mediated dopamine transmission: Sex and age of exposure matter 141 71 56 11 2

Natural selection reverses the exaggeration of a male sexually selected trait, which increases female fitness. 132 56 21 5

Who acquires infection from whom? Estimating herpesvirus transmission rates between wild rodent host groups 56 5

Age- and Sex-Specific Fear Conditioning Deficits in Mice Lacking Pcdh10, an Autism Associated Gene 56 11 2

Seasonal and social factors associated with spacing in a wild territorial electric fish 56 30 5

Sex-biased genes expressed in the cricket brain evolve rapidly 7 5

Evolutionary and demographic consequences of temperature-induced masculinization under climate warming: the effects of mate choice 56 21 5

Sex differences in maturation and attrition of adult neurogenesis in the hippocampus 56 15 2

Hyperprolactinemia in a male pituitary androgen receptor knockout mouse model is associated with a female-like pattern of lactotroph development 56 10 3

Assessing the acoustic behaviour of Anopheles gambiae s.l. dsxF mutants: Implications for Vector Control 56 30 21 5

Interspecific introgression reveals a role of male genital morphology during the evolution of reproductive isolation in Drosophila 132 56 21 5

The Drosophila seminal Sex Peptide can associate with rival as well as own sperm and provide function for SP in polyandrous females 56 21 5

X-linked meiotic drive boosts population size and persistence 56 21 5

Sexually monomorphic wing pigmentation pattern does not contribute to mate choice in Drosophila guttifera 56 30 5

Early-life hypoxia alters adult physiology and reduces stress resistance and lifespan in Drosophila 56 30 5

Does offspring sex ratio differ between urban and forest populations of great tits (Parus major)? 56 5

Young chicks quickly lose their spontaneous preference to aggregate with females 56 30 15 2

Male and female reproductive fitness costs of an immune response in natural populations 132 56 21 5

Inferring the genetic basis of sex determination from the genome of a dioecious nightshade 56 40 21 5

Obesity alters Ace2 and Tmprss2 expression in lung, trachea, and esophagus in a sex-dependent manner: Implications for COVID-19 36 1

Risk-based Decision Making in Rats: Modulation by Sex and Amphetamine 141 56 15 2

Individual variation in parental care drives divergence of sex roles 132 21 5

Mate-finding dispersal reduces local mate limitation and sex bias in dispersal 56 21 5

Morphometrical brain markers of sex difference 56 22 15 2