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Epigenetic aging of classical monocytes from healthy individuals 87 9

Widespread methylation quantitative trait loci and their role in schizophrenia risk 87 19 9 5

Region-level Epimutation Rates in Arabidopsis thaliana 87 21 5

Body weight at young adulthood and association with epigenetic aging and lifespan in the BXD murine family 87 9 5

Large-scale analysis of DNA methylation identifies cellular alterations in blood from psychosis patients and molecular biomarkers of treatment-resistant schizophrenia. 87 9

An Integrative Analysis of the Age-Associated Genomic, Transcriptomic and Epigenetic Landscape across Cancers 87 9

Epigenome-wide change and variation in DNA methylation from birth to late adolescence 87 9 5

Epigenetic signatures associated with the observed link between maternal tobacco use during pregnancy, and offspring conduct problems in childhood and adolescence 87 7 5

Epigenetic age-predictions in mice using pyrosequencing, droplet digital PCR or barcoded bisulfite amplicon sequencing 87 9 4

Low-Pass Whole Genome Bisulfite Sequencing of Neonatal Dried Blood Spots Identifies a Role for RUNX1 in Down Syndrome DNA Methylation Profiles 87 9

Epigenetic clock and methylation studies in vervet monkeys 87 9

A transcriptome based aging clock near the theoretical limit of accuracy 87 9 4

Epigenome Prediction of Gene Expression using a Dynamical System Approach 87 38 9 4

Assessing the co-variability of DNA methylation across peripheral cells and tissues: implications for the interpretation of findings in epigenetic epidemiology 87 19 9 5

Birth weight predicts psychiatric and physical health, cognitive function, and DNA methylation differences in an adult population 87 15 9

Epigenetic clock and methylation studies in the rhesus macaque 87 9

A validation of Illumina EPIC array system with bisulfite-based amplicon sequencing 87 4

Epigenetic clock and methylation studies in cats 87

Epigenetic clock and methylation studies in elephants 87 9

Minimal detection and low biological fluctuation of mitochondrial CpG methylation at the single-molecule level 87 9

Epigenetic clock and methylation study of oocytes from a bovine model of reproductive aging 87 15 5

Recalibrating the Epigenetic Clock: Implications for Assessing Biological Age in the Human Cortex 87 26 4

Simultaneous transcriptome and methylome profiles of single mouse oocytes provide novel insights on maturation and aging 87 9 3

Histone acetylation at the sulfotransferase 1a1 gene is associated with its hepatic expression in normal aging 87 9

Aging leads to stochastic loss of silencing at transposons in mammary luminal epithelial cells 81 31 9 3

Meta-analysis of genome-wide DNA methylation and integrative OMICs in human skeletal muscle. 87 9 4

DNA methylation landscapes of matched primary and recurrent high grade serous ovarian cancers are preserved throughout disease progression and chemoresistance. 87 9

Comparative analysis of genome-wide DNA methylation identifies patterns that associate with conserved transcriptional programs in osteosarcoma 87 9

Epigenetic drift during long-term culture of cells in vitro 87 31 9 3

The sperm epigenome does not display recurrent epimutations in patients with severely impaired spermatogenesis 87 9

Reversing age: dual species measurement of epigenetic age with a single clock 87 15 9

Mining the Selective Remodeling of DNA Methylation in Promoter Regions to Identify Robust Gene-Level Associations with Phenotype 87 19 9 4

Gene set enrichment analysis for genome-wide DNA methylation data 87 4

DNA methylation covariation in human whole blood and sperm: implications for studies of intergenerational epigenetic effects 87 9

A maternal effect regulates global DNA methylation patterns 87 9 5

Genome-wide variation in DNA methylation linked to developmental stage and chromosomal suppression of recombination in white-throated sparrows 87 9 5

A rat epigenetic clock recapitulates phenotypic aging and co-localizes with heterochromatin-associated histone modifications 87 9

General DNA methylation patterns and environmentally-induced differential methylation in the eastern oyster (Crassostrea virginica) 87 9 5

Age-related DNA methylation changes are sex-specific: a comprehensive assessment 87 56 9

Deconvolution of cellular subsets in human tissue based on targeted DNA methylation analysis at individual CpG sites 87 9 4

The Transition from Acute to Chronic Pain: Dynamic Epigenetic Reprogramming of the Mouse Prefrontal Cortex up to One Year Following Nerve Injury 87 9 2

LINE-1 DNA methylation in response to aging and vitamin D 87 9

Epigenetic clock and DNA methylation studies of roe deer in the wild 87 56 5

Epigenetic clock and DNA methylation analysis of porcine models of aging and obesity 87 9

Sex-specific expression and DNA methylation in a species with extreme sexual dimorphism and paternal genome elimination 56 9 5

An evolutionary perspective of DNA methylation patterns in skeletal tissues using a nonhuman primate model of osteoarthritis 87 9 5

STAT5 regulation of sex-dependent hepatic CpG methylation at distal regulatory elements mapping to sex-biased genes 31 9 3

Pair bonding slows epigenetic aging and alters methylation in brains of prairie voles 87 9

Comparative Genome-Wide DNA Methylation Analysis In Myocardial Tissue From Donors With And Without Down Syndrome 87 9

Genome-wide methylation prediction of biological age using reproducing kernel Hilbert spaces and Bayesian ridge regressions 87 15 4

DNA methylation site loss for plasticity-led novel trait genetic fixation 87 21 5 3

Bumblebee worker castes show differences in allele-specific DNA methylation and allele-specific expression. 87 9 5

Age-dependent ribosomal DNA variations and their effect on cellular function in mammalian cells 87 49 9 3

Effect of short-term prescription opioids on DNA methylation of the OPRM1 promoter 87 15 9

DNA methylation signatures of aggression and closely related constructs: A meta-analysis of epigenome-wide studies across the lifespan 87 19 15 9 5

Promoter activity-based case-control association study on SLC6A4 highlighting hypermethylation and altered amygdala volume in male patients with schizophrenia 87 15 9

Disentangling age-dependent DNA methylation: deterministic, stochastic, and nonlinear 87 38

Structural Dynamics of DNA Depending on Methylation Pattern 87 8

Pervasive promoter hypermethylation of silenced TERT alleles in human cancers 87 31 9 3

Childhood location correlates with epigenetic age and methylation stability in British-Bangladeshi migrants 87 15 5

Gene body methylation is under selection in Arabidopsis thaliana 87 21 5

Patterns of gene-body-methylation conservation and its divergent association with gene expression in Pigeonpea and Soybean 87 40 21 9 5

A robust mean and variance test with application tohigh-dimensional phenotypes 87 19 4

Integrative genomic strategies applied to a lymphoblast cell line model reveal specific transcriptomic signatures associated with clozapine response 9 3

Microbiota Accelerates Age-Related CpG island Methylation in Colonic Mucosa 87 10

Methylation-Based Age Estimation in a Wild Mouse 87 4

Genome wide efficiency profiling reveals modulation of maintenance and de novo methylation by Tets 87 31 9

Intra- and Inter-Specific Investigations of Skeletal DNA Methylation and Femur Morphology in Primates 87 9 5

Parental CG and CHG methylation variation is associated with allelic-specific expression in elite hybrid rice 87 53 9 5

GeneDMRs: an R package for Gene-based Differentially Methylated Regions analysis 87 62 4

Evolutionary and functional genomics of DNA methylation in maize domestication and improvement 87 21 9 5

Cancer methylomes characterization enabled by Rocker-meth 87 9 4

Integrated Analysis of Methylome and Transcriptome Following Developmental Atrazine Exposure in Zebrafish Reveals Aberrant Gene-Specific Methylation of Neuroendocrine and Reproductive Pathways 87 64 9

Genome Methylation Predicts Age and Longevity of Bats 31 9

DNA methylation across the genome in aged human skeletal muscle tissue and stem cells: The role of HOX genes and physical activity 87 9 3

Novel epigenetic clock for fetal brain development predicts fetal epigenetic age for iPSCs and iPSC-derived neurons. 57 20 11 9

Genome-wide comparison of DNA methylation between life cycle stages of Drosophila melanogaster using high-throughput sequencing techniques. 87 9

Neighborhood environment, social cohesion, and epigenetic aging 87 15 5

A pan-cancer atlas of transcriptional dependence on DNA methylation and copy number aberrations 87 9 4

GREM1 is epigenetically reprogrammed in muscle cells after exercise training and controls myogenesis and metabolism 87 57 20 3

The costs of competition: high social status males experience accelerated epigenetic aging in wild baboons 87 5

The proliferative history shapes the DNA methylome of B-cell tumors and predicts clinical outcome 87 14 9

Epigenome-wide association meta-analysis of DNA methylation with coffee and tea consumption 87 9

Purifying selection acts on germline methylation to modify the CpG mutation rate at promoters 87 21

Meta-analysis of epigenome-wide association studies in Alzheimer's disease highlights novel differentially methylated loci across cortex 87 32 19 9 4

A DNAmRep epigenetic fingerprint for determining cellular replication age 87 31 3

Greenhouse spatial effects detected in the barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) epigenome underlie stochasticity of DNA methylation 87 16 5

Widespread conservation and lineage-specific diversification of genome-wide DNA methylation patterns across arthropods 81 40 31 21 9 5

The DNA methylation landscape of multiple myeloma shows extensive inter- and intrapatient heterogeneity that fuels transcriptomic variability 87 9

A bipartite element with allele-specific functions safeguards DNA methylation imprints at the Dlk1-Dio3 locus 192 87 31 20 3

Expression quantitative trait methylation analysis reveals methylomic associations with gene expression in childhood asthma 87 9

Targeted bisulfite sequencing: A novel tool for the assessment of DNA methylation with high sensitivity and increased coverage 87 4

IMPLICON: an ultra-deep sequencing method to uncover DNA methylation at imprinted regions 87 9 4

Non-CG methylation and multiple epigenetic layers associate child abuse with immune and small GTPase dysregulation 87 31 9

DNA methylation signatures of duplicate gene evolution in angiosperms 87 16 5

CGGBP1-regulated cytosine methylation at CTCF-binding motifs resists stochasticity 31 9 3

LuxUS: DNA methylation analysis using generalized linear mixed model with spatial correlation 13 4

Age-dependent VDR peak DNA methylation as a mechanism for latitude-dependent MS risk 87 3

Maternal DNMT3A-dependent de novo methylation of the zygotic paternal genome inhibits gene expression in the early embryo 87 20 9 3

The absence of C-5 DNA methylation in Leishmania donovani allows DNA enrichment from complex samples 87