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ResistoXplorer: a web-based tool for visual, statistical and exploratory data analysis of resistome data 176 62 4

SimText: A text mining framework for interactive analysis and visualization of similarities among biomedical entities 165 62 13 7 4

BingleSeq: A user-friendly R package for Bulk and Single-cell RNA-Seq Data Analysis 62 43 4

NeuroPycon: An open-source Python toolbox for fast multi-modal and reproducible brain connectivity pipelines 62 13 4

SIMON: open-source knowledge discovery platform 176 62 4

Giotto, a toolbox for integrative analysis and visualization of spatial expression data 62 43 4

PAWER: Protein Array Web ExploreR 62 13 4

GIANI: open-source software for automated analysis of 3D microscopy images 62 13 4

ideal: an R/Bioconductor package for Interactive Differential Expression Analysis 62 13 4

TaxonTableTools - A comprehensive, platform-independent graphical user interface software to explore and visualise DNA metabarcoding data 62 13 4

Comparison of visualisation tools for single-cell RNAseq data 62 13 4

HippoUnit: A software tool for the automated testing and systematic comparison of detailed models of hippocampal neurons based on electrophysiological data 62 4 2

TBtools - an integrative toolkit developed for interactive analyses of big biological data 165 62 13 4

Kaleidoscope: A New Bioinformatics Pipeline Web Application for In Silico Hypothesis Exploration of Omics Signatures 62 13 4

DamageProfiler: Fast damage pattern calculation for ancient DNA 176 62 4

CHOmics: a web-based tool for multi-omics data analysis and interactive visualization in CHO cell lines 62 13 4

mbkmeans: fast clustering for single cell data using mini-batch k-means 147 43 13 4

Corna - An Open Source Python Tool For Natural Abundance Correction In Isotope Tracer Experiments 62 13 4

PYMEVisualize: an open-source tool for exploring 3D super-resolution data 62 18 4

SnpHub: an easy-to-set-up web server framework for exploring large-scale genomic variation data in the post-genomic era with applications in wheat 165 62 13 4

Automated Isoform Diversity Detector (AIDD): A pipeline for investigating transcriptome diversity of RNA-seq data 62 4

DCP: a pipeline toolbox for diffusion connectome 62 59 13 4 2

MASSpy: Building, simulating, and visualizing dynamic biological models in Python using mass action kinetics 62 38 4

EPySeg: a coding-free solution for automated segmentation of epithelia using deep learning 176 62 4

ProTrack: An Interactive Multi-Omics Data Browser for Proteogenomic Studies 62 13 4

OpSeF: Open source Python framework for collaborative instance segmentation of bioimages 62 26 4

ATAV: a comprehensive platform for population-scale genomic analyses 165 62 13 4

CROssBAR: Comprehensive Resource of Biomedical Relations with Deep Learning Applications and Knowledge Graph Representations 62 13 4

Streamlining Data-Intensive Biology With Workflow Systems 62 4

pyTFM: A tool for Traction Force and Monolayer Stress Microscopy 62 13 4

MiBiOmics: An interactive web application for multi-omics data exploration and integration 62 13 4

The Gene Expression Deconvolution Interactive Tool (GEDIT): Accurate Cell Type Quantification from Gene Expression Data 13 4

SMAP - A Modular Superresolution Microscopy Analysis Platform for SMLM Data 62 4

NASQAR: A web-based platform for High-throughput sequencing data analysis and visualization 62 13 4

PartSeg, a Tool for Quantitative Feature Extraction From 3D Microscopy Images for Dummies 62 4

BIAFLOWS: A collaborative framework to reproducibly deploy and benchmark bioimage analysis workflows 62 4

RAVE: comprehensive open-source software for reproducible analysis and visualization of intracranial EEG data 62 59 4 2

GCA: An R package for genetic connectedness analysis using pedigree and genomic data 62 13 4

Rcirc: an R package for circRNA analyses and visualization 13 4

Interpreting blood GLUcose data with R package iglu 62 13 4

BioDynaMo: an agent-based simulation platform for scalable computational biology research 62 4

Making data-driven hypotheses for gene functions by integrating dependency, expression, and literature data 62 4

PanGIA: A Metagenomics Analytical Framework for RoutineBiosurveillance and Clinical Pathogen Detection 13 4

animalcules: Interactive Microbiome Analytics 1 and Visualization in R 13 4

Design, optimization, and analysis of large DNA and RNA nanostructures through interactive visualization, editing, and molecular simulation 62 4

MazeMaster: an open-source Python-based software package for controlling virtual reality experiments 62 59 4 2

DrawAlignR: An interactive tool for across run chromatogram alignment visualization 13 4

i2dash: Creation of Flexible, Interactive and Web-based Dashboards for Visualization of Omics-pipeline Results 184 62 7 4

The Atlas of Inflammation-Resolution (AIR) 62 4

Multi Locus View: An Extensible Web Based Tool for the Analysis of Genomic Data 13 4

PhenoImage: an open-source GUI for plant image analysis 62 4

TimeTrial: An Interactive Application for Optimizing the Design and Analysis of Transcriptomic Times-Series Data in CircadianBiology Research 62 4

U-Infuse: Democratization of Customizable AI for Object Detection 176 62 26 4

Automated cell tracking using StarDist and TrackMate 62 18 4

TRex, a fast multi-animal tracking system with markerless identification, 2D body posture estimation and visual field reconstruction 62 30 4

LongGeneDB: a data hub for long genes 62 13 9 4

Shiny-SoSV: A web-based performance calculator for somatic structural variant detection 62 13 4

SambaR: an R package for fast, easy and reproducible population-genetic analyses of biallelic SNP datasets 62 13 4

EZcalcium: Open Source Toolbox for Analysis of Calcium Imaging Data 62 59 4 2

The Mouse Action Recognition System (MARS): a software pipeline for automated analysis of social behaviors in mice 195 62 59 4 2

Neuroscience Cloud Analysis As a Service 62 4

Graphia: A platform for the graph-based visualisation and analysis of complex data 62 13 4

OPENANNO: annotating genomic regions with chromatin accessibility 62 4

PaintSHOP enables the interactive design of transcriptome- and genome-scale oligonucleotide FISH experiments 169 7 4

ProNetView-ccRCC: A web-based portal to interactively explore clear cell renal cell carcinoma proteogenomics networks 62 4

Dix-seq: An integrated pipeline for fast amplicon data analysis 13 4

RAD: a web application to identify region associated differentially expressed genes 165 62 31 13 4

Computational Tool for Ensemble Averaging of Single-Molecule Data 62 18 4

ProkEvo: an automated, reproducible, and scalable framework for high-throughput bacterial population genomics analyses 62 4

Brain Modeling ToolKit: an Open Source Software Suite for Multiscale Modeling of Brain Circuits 62 4

NoRCE: Non-coding RNA Sets Cis Enrichment Tool 13 4

DeepMIB: User-friendly and open-source software for training of deep learning network for biological image segmentation 62 26 4

DUBS: A Framework for Developing Directory of Useful Benchmarking Sets for Virtual Screening 62 4

modleR: a modular workflow to perform ecological niche modeling in R 62 4

Bi-channel Image Registration and Deep-learning Segmentation (BIRDS) for efficient, versatile 3D mapping of mouse brain 62 26 4 2

ORCESTRA: a platform for orchestrating and sharing high-throughput pharmacogenomic analyses 62 4

Comparison of High-Throughput Single-Cell RNA Sequencing Data Processing Pipelines 43 4

mrMLM v4.0: An R Platform for Multi-locus Genome-wide Association Studies 62 13 4

piRPheno: a manually curated database to prioritize and analyze human disease related piRNAs 165 62 13 4

SEPIA - SuscEptibility mapping PIpeline tool for phAse images 62 59 4

Bactopia: a flexible pipeline for complete analysis of bacterial genomes 13 4

TISCH: a comprehensive web resource enabling interactive single-cell transcriptome visualization of tumor microenvironment 43 9 4

ORACA: an open source software for Online Realtime neural Activity extraction and offline Cross session Analysis 62 59 4 2

How to use online tools to generate new hypotheses for mammary gland biology research: a case study for Wnt7b 62 4

MetaFunc: Taxonomic and Functional Analyses of High Throughput Sequencing for Microbiomes 13 4

Pancreatlas: applying an adaptable framework to map the human pancreas in health and disease 62 13 4

User-friendly, scalable tools and workflows for single-cell analysis 62 43 13 4

scTPA: A web tool for single-cell transcriptome analysis of pathway activation signatures 43 4

Rtrack: a software package for reproducible automated water maze analysis 176 62 30 26 4

MethylStar: A fast and robust pre-processing pipeline for bulk or single-cell whole-genome bisulfite sequencing data 13 4

CorRelator: An interactive and flexible toolkit for high-precision cryo-correlative light and electron microscopy 62 13 4

Bio-Node - Bioinformatics in the Cloud 62 13 4

Chinese Glioma Genome Atlas (CGGA): A Comprehensive Resource with Functional Genomic Data for Chinese Glioma Patients 62 9 4

KnetMiner: a comprehensive approach for supporting evidence-based gene discovery and complex trait analysis across species 62 4

An adaptable analysis workflow for characterization of platelet spreading and morphology 62 4

EMU: reconfigurable graphical user interfaces for Micro-Manager 62 4

miEAA 2.0: Integrating multi-species microRNA enrichment analysis and workflow management systems 62 13 4

scLM: automatic detection of consensus gene clusters across multiple single-cell datasets 147 43 13 4

pMAT: An Open-Source Software Suite for the Analysis of Fiber Photometry Calcium Imaging 62 59 18 4

What does your cell really do? Model-based assessment of mammalian cells metabolic functionalities using omics data 62 43 4