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Pocket MUSE: an affordable, versatile and high performance fluorescence microscope using a smartphone 195 70 18 4

Democratising "Microscopi": a 3D printed automated XYZT fluorescence imaging system for teaching, outreach and fieldwork 195 7 4

Multiplexed End-point Microfluidic Chemotaxis Assay using Centrifugal Alignment 195 18 4

The Mouse Action Recognition System (MARS): a software pipeline for automated analysis of social behaviors in mice 195 62 59 4 2

Optical spike detection and connectivity analysis with a far-red voltage-sensitive fluorophore reveals changes to network connectivity in development and disease 195 70 18 11 2

Miniaturized Devices for Bioluminescence Imaging in Freely Behaving Animals 195 70 18

Automated tracking of S. pombe spindle elongation dynamics 195 68 62 4

A benchmarking model for validation and standardization of traction force microscopy analysis tools 195 18 4

Customizable Live-Cell Imaging Chambers for Multimodal and Multiplex Fluorescence Microscopy. 195 70 18 4

Active focus stabilization for fluorescence microscopy by tracking actively generated infrared spots. 195 18 8

How to quantitatively measure, assess and correct the fluorescence crosstalk in the wide-field microscopy 195 70 18 4

Flexible open-source automation for robotic bioengineering 195 62 18 4

The XyloPhone: democratizing access to high-quality macroscopic imaging for wood and other substrates 195 18 4

A streamlined workflow for automated cryo focused ion beam milling 195 111 18 4

A practical staging atlas to study embryonic development of Octopus vulgaris under controlled laboratory conditions 195 18

Dynamic visualisation of million-tip trees: the OneZoom project 195 62 4

Low-cost 3D-printed inverted microscope to detect Mycobacterium tuberculosis in a MODS culture 195 18 15

An in-vitro BBB-on-a-chip open model of human blood-brain barrier enabling advanced optical imaging 195 70 18 7

Quantitative and dynamic cell polarity tracking in plant cells 195 16

Integrating computer-aided engineering and computer-aided design for DNA assemblies 195 85 18 4

Simultaneous monitoring of the same animals with PIT-tags and sensor nodes causes no system interference 195 30

Automated continuous evolution of proteins in vivo 195 18

Anipose: a toolkit for robust markerless 3D pose estimation 195 62 59 4

Need for speed: Examining protein behaviour during cryoEM grid preparation at different timescales 195 18

Model Reduction Tools For Phenomenological Modeling of Input-Controlled Biological Circuits 38 4

BoardION: real-time monitoring of Oxford Nanopore Technologies devices 195 62 13 4

Dragonfly Inspired Smart Soft Robot 195 85 18

An image J plugin for the high throughput image analysis of in vitro scratch wound healing assays 18 4

ChipSeg: an automatic tool to segment bacteria and mammalian cells cultured in microfluidic devices 18 4

Learned SPARCOM: Unfolded Deep Super-Resolution Microscopy 184 70 26 18 4

Automated cell tracking using StarDist and TrackMate 62 18 4

3D quantification of zebrafish cerebrovascular architecture by automated image analysis of light sheet fluorescence microscopy datasets 70 62 18 4

Dual-view light-sheet imaging through tilted glass interface using a deformable mirror 70 18 4

A fuzzy-registration approach to track cell divisions in time-lapse fluorescence microscopy 70 18 4

Combined Selective Plane Illumination Microscopy and FRAP maps intranuclear diffusion of NLS-GFP 70 18 4

anTraX: high throughput video tracking of color-tagged insects 62 4

HippoUnit: A software tool for the automated testing and systematic comparison of detailed models of hippocampal neurons based on electrophysiological data 62 4 2

OrganoidTracker: efficient cell tracking using machine learning and manual error correction 26 4

EZcalcium: Open Source Toolbox for Analysis of Calcium Imaging Data 62 59 4 2

Enhanced tissue penetration of antibodies through pressurized immunohistochemistry 195 18

Automated screening by 3D light-sheet microscopy with high spatial and temporal resolution reveals mitotic phenotypes 70 18 4

Transient Room Lighting for Ambient Light Multiphoton Microscopy 70 18 4

The Mathematics Underlying Eeg Oscillations Propagation 195 38

CellMAPtracer: A user-friendly tracking tool for long-term migratory and proliferating cells 7 4

A polymer gel index-matched to water enables diverse applications in fluorescence microscopy 70 18 8

CiliaQ - a simple, open-source software for automated quantification of ciliary morphology and fluorescence in 2D, 3D, and 4D images 62 18 4

Determining the Depth Limit of Bioluminescent Sources in Scattering Media 70 18

High-speed, long-term, 4D in vivo lifetime imaging in intact and injured zebrafish and mouse brains by instant FLIM 70 18 4

A hybrid open-top light-sheet microscope for multi-scale imaging of cleared tissues 70 18 4

Cellbow: a robust customizable cell segmentation program 26 4

BioDynaMo: an agent-based simulation platform for scalable computational biology research 62 4

Fast 3D imaging of giant unilamellar vesicles using reflected light-sheet microscopy with single molecule sensitivity 70 18 8

Semi-automatic stitching of filamentous structures in image stacks from serial-section electron tomography 59 4

Multi-Modal Single-Molecule Imaging with Continuously Controlled Spectral-resolution (CoCoS) Microscopy 70 18 8 4

Wide field-of-view volumetric imaging by a mesoscopic scanning oblique plane microscopy with switchable objective lens 70 18 7 4

GIANI: open-source software for automated analysis of 3D microscopy images 62 13 4

Multiplane Mesoscope reveals distinct cortical interactions following expectation violations 195 11 2

Computational Tool for Ensemble Averaging of Single-Molecule Data 62 18 4

A low-cost, open source, self-contained bacterial EVolutionary biorEactor (EVE) 18 4

FalseColor-Python: a rapid intensity-leveling and digital-staining package for fluorescence-based slide-free digital pathology 70 18 4

Multifocal imaging for precise, label-free tracking of fast biological processes in 3D 70 18 4

Removable cranial window for sustained wide-field optical imaging in mouse neocortex 70 18 2

An open-source experimental framework for automation of cell biology experiments 7 4

CryoSIM: super resolution 3D structured illumination cryogenic fluorescence microscopy for correlated ultra-structural imaging 70 18 8 4

TranSPHIRE: Automated and feedback-optimized on-the-fly processing for cryo-EM 111 62 4

EPySeg: a coding-free solution for automated segmentation of epithelia using deep learning 176 62 4

Frequency-independent biological signal identification (FIBSI): A free program that simplifies intensive analysis of non-stationary time series data 184 123 4

Biological network growth in complex environments - a computational framework 38 18 4

PhenoImage: an open-source GUI for plant image analysis 62 4

SpineS: An interactive time-series analysis software for dendritic spines 77 26 2

Three-Dimensional Label-Free Imaging and Quantification of Migrating Cells during Wound Healing 70 18 4

Development of an objective index, neural activity score (NAS), reveals neural network ontogeny and treatment effects on microelectrode arrays 4 2

TRex, a fast multi-animal tracking system with markerless identification, 2D body posture estimation and visual field reconstruction 62 30 4

Single-molecule light-sheet microscopy with local nanopipette delivery 70 18 8

Bi-channel Image Registration and Deep-learning Segmentation (BIRDS) for efficient, versatile 3D mapping of mouse brain 62 26 4 2

ResistoXplorer: a web-based tool for visual, statistical and exploratory data analysis of resistome data 176 62 4

A low-cost smart system for electrophoresis-based nucleic acids detection at the visible spectrum 18 4

A knock-in Drosophila model supports a conserved link between potassium channelopathy and involuntary movement 195 82

PartSeg, a Tool for Quantitative Feature Extraction From 3D Microscopy Images for Dummies 62 4

Optimization of negative stage bias potential for faster imaging in large-scale electron microscopy 70 18 4

CorRelator: An interactive and flexible toolkit for high-precision cryo-correlative light and electron microscopy 62 13 4

Online analysis of microendoscopic 1-photon calcium imaging data streams 59 4 2

3D printed cell culture grid holders for improved cellular specimen preparation in cryo-electron microscopy 111 18 4

TaxisPy: A Python-based Software for the Quantitative Analysis of Bacterial Chemotaxis 62 4

Open source software tool for the automated detection and characterization of epithelial cells from trace biological samples 18 4

YeaZ: A convolutional neural network for highly accurate, label-free segmentation of yeast microscopy images 26 4

Virtual-SMLM, a virtual environment for real-time interactive SMLM acquisition 62 18 4

The DMCdrive: practical 3D-printable micro-drive system for reliable chronic multi-tetrode recording and optogenetic application in freely behaving rodents 50 11 2

μCB-seq: Microfluidic cell barcoding and sequencing for high-resolution imaging and sequencing of single cells 43 18 4

A simple Ca2+-imaging approach to neural network analysis in cultured neurons 18 4 2

Fluorescence Microscopy Datasets for Training Deep Neural Networks 26 4

Label-free and Multimodal Second Harmonic Generation Light Sheet Microscopy 70 18 4

A deep learning algorithm for 3D cell detection in whole mouse brain image datasets 70 18 11 4

Probabilistic Approach to Understand Errors in Sequencing and its based Applications 145 4

FRC-QE: A robust and comparable 3D microscopy image quality metric for cleared organoids 70 18 4

HPM Live μ for full CLEM workflow 70 18 4

A head-fixation system for continuous monitoring of force generated during behavior 23 2

μSPIM: A Software Platform for Selective Plane Illumination Microscopy 70 18 4

DeepCINAC: a deep-learning-based Python toolbox for inferring calcium imaging neuronal activity based on movie visualization 26 4 2

A Wi-Fi live streaming Centrifuge Force Microscope for benchtop single-molecule experiments 18 4