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bioengineering imaging microscopy fluorescence biophysics resolution 3d method fluorescent optical enables tissue cell applications cells live cellular image single techniques high technique mechanical biological allows developed light demonstrate images time synthetic living throughput systems simple system describe based approach platform dimensional device engineering detection tissues can microfluidic microscope spatial methods use conventional vivo free illumination tool properties field limited quantification using measurements probe molecule design super quantitative present enable signal micro dynamics label sheet molecules speed engineered enabling labeling without electron here tomography probes application versatile confocal measurement sample parameters chemical challenging nm 2d enabled introduce powerful noise materials flow

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Three-Dimensional Label-Free Imaging and Quantification of Migrating Cells during Wound Healing 70 18 4

Single-molecule light-sheet microscopy with local nanopipette delivery 70 18 8

Learned SPARCOM: Unfolded Deep Super-Resolution Microscopy 184 70 26 18 4

Detecting nanoscale distribution of protein pairs by proximity dependent super-resolution microscopy 70 18 8 4

Combined Selective Plane Illumination Microscopy and FRAP maps intranuclear diffusion of NLS-GFP 70 18 4

μCB-seq: Microfluidic cell barcoding and sequencing for high-resolution imaging and sequencing of single cells 43 18 4

Stoichiometric Analysis of Protein Complexes by Cell Fusion and Single Molecule Imaging 18 8 4

Single-cell characterization of the eukaryotic transcription cycle using live imaging and statistical inference 18 4

Raman spectroscopy-based measurements of single-cell phenotypic diversity in microbial communities 158 38 18 17 5

Fast 3D imaging of giant unilamellar vesicles using reflected light-sheet microscopy with single molecule sensitivity 70 18 8

ChipSeg: an automatic tool to segment bacteria and mammalian cells cultured in microfluidic devices 18 4

Biological network growth in complex environments - a computational framework 38 18 4

Characterizing and inferring quantitative cell cycle phase in single-cell RNA-seq data analysis 43 9 4

Spatial analysis of ligand-receptor interactions in skin cancer at genome-wide and single-cell resolution 43 9 4

HippoUnit: A software tool for the automated testing and systematic comparison of detailed models of hippocampal neurons based on electrophysiological data 62 4 2

Development of an objective index, neural activity score (NAS), reveals neural network ontogeny and treatment effects on microelectrode arrays 4 2

Cell segmentation using deep learning: comparing label and label-free approaches using hyper-labeled image stacks 26 18 4

Widefield light sheet microscopy using an Airy beam combined with deep-learning super-resolution 70 18 4

Computational Tool for Ensemble Averaging of Single-Molecule Data 62 18 4

Using real-time fluorescence and deformability cytometry and deep learning to transfer molecular specificity to label-free sorting 18 4

Transient Room Lighting for Ambient Light Multiphoton Microscopy 70 18 4

Single cell transfection of human induced pluripotent stem cells using a droplet-based microfluidic system. 57 18 4

Single cell determination of cardiac microtissue structure and function using light sheet microscopy 70 18

Optimized iLID membrane anchors for local optogenetic protein recruitment 18 8

Multi-modal Nonlinear Optical and Thermal Imaging Platform for Label-Free Characterization of Biological Tissue 18 8 4

A sample preparation protocol for high throughput immunofluorescence of suspension cells 196 18 4

Denoising large-scale biological data using network filters 26 4

Bridging scales in scattering tissues via multifocal two-photon microscopy 70 18 8

Label-free and Multimodal Second Harmonic Generation Light Sheet Microscopy 70 18 4

Scanning electron microscopy preparation and analysis of the cell cortex ultrastructure 18 4

High-throughput measurements of intra-cellular and secreted cytokine from single spheroids using anchored microfluidic droplets 18

Versatile live-cell activity analysis platform for characterization of neuronal dynamics at single-cell and network level 70 18 4

Application of Airy beam Light sheet microscopy to examine early neurodevelopmental structures in 3D hiPSC-derived human cortical spheroids 70 18

Direct Imaging of Liquid Domains in Membranes by Cryo Electron Tomography 70 18 4

Simulating flow induced migration in vascular remodelling 94 38 18

High photon count rates improve the quality of super-resolution fluorescence fluctuation spectroscopy 70 18 8 4

A Non-Destructive Method for Quantifying Tissue Vascularity Using Quantitative Deep Learning Image Processing 26 18 4

Multifocal imaging for precise, label-free tracking of fast biological processes in 3D 70 18 4

An image J plugin for the high throughput image analysis of in vitro scratch wound healing assays 18 4

Single cell tracking based on Voronoi partition via stable matching 18 4

Fibronectin-Based Nanomechanical Biosensors to Map 3D Strains in Live Cells and Tissues 18 8

Predicting global dynamics of spatial microbial communities from local interaction rules 158 99 38 17 5

A new method for distinguishing human and mouse cells in situ 18 4

Computational 4D-OCM for label-free imaging of collective cell invasion and force-mediated deformations in collagen 18 8

Orthogonal fluorescent chemogenetic reporters for multicolor imaging 18 8

A single-cell method to map higher-order 3D genome organization in thousands of individual cells reveals structural heterogeneity in mouse ES cells 89 31 18 8 4

A Pairwise Distance Distribution Correction (DDC) algorithm to eliminate blinking-caused artifacts in super-resolution microscopy 70 18 4

High Throughput Volume Flow Cytometry (parallel-iLIFE) Resolves Mitochondrial Network On the Go 70 18 4

Network-enabled efficient image restoration for 3D microscopy of turbid biological specimens 70 18 4

Microchip based microrheology via Acoustic Force Spectroscopy shows that endothelial cell mechanics follows a fractional viscoelastic model 7 4

Single Cell Analysis of Regions of Interest (SCARI) using a novel photoswitchable tag 18 4

Novel tunable spatio-temporal patterns from a simple genetic oscillator circuit 38 18

Line-FRAP, a versatile method based on fluorescence recovery after photobleaching to measure diffusion rates in vitro and in vivo 18 4

Multi-Modal Single-Molecule Imaging with Continuously Controlled Spectral-resolution (CoCoS) Microscopy 70 18 8 4

An acoustic platform for single-cell, high-throughput measurements of the viscoelastic properties of cells 18 8

Automated cell tracking using StarDist and TrackMate 62 18 4

Single-cell nucleic acid profiling in droplets (SNAPD) enables high-throughput analysis of heterogeneous cell populations 18 4

Open source software tool for the automated detection and characterization of epithelial cells from trace biological samples 18 4

Acoustofluidic Assembly of 3D Neurospheroids to Model Alzheimer's Disease 32 18 10

Transcriptome-guided parsimonious flux analysis improves predictions with metabolic networks in complex environments 158 112 4

Visualization of Collagen–Mineral Arrangement using Atom Probe Tomography 18 8 4

A simple Ca2+-imaging approach to neural network analysis in cultured neurons 18 4 2

Design of optical imaging probes by screening of diverse substrate libraries directly in disease tissue extracts 129 18 14 4

Virtual-freezing fluorescence imaging flow cytometry 70 18 4

3D Deconvolution Processing for STEM Cryo-Tomography 70 18 8 4

Physical properties and actin organization in embryonic stem cells depend on differentiation stage 55 20 18 8 3

Determining the Depth Limit of Bioluminescent Sources in Scattering Media 70 18

Super-resolved polarisation-enhanced second harmonic generation for direct imaging of nanoscale changes in collagen architecture 70 18 8 4

A novel single-cell based method for breast cancer prognosis 43 26 4

Variance-adjusted Mahalanobis (VAM): a fast and accurate method for cell-specific gene set scoring 43 4

Single-color Fluorescence Lifetime Cross-Correlation Spectroscopy in vivo 18 4

In situ classification of cell types in human kidney tissue using 3D nuclear staining 26 4

Establishing live-cell single-molecule localization microscopy imaging and single-particle tracking in the archaeon Haloferax volcanii 18 8

Automated screening by 3D light-sheet microscopy with high spatial and temporal resolution reveals mitotic phenotypes 70 18 4

Probabilistic gene expression signatures identify cell-types from single cell RNA-seq data 43 4

High throughput mechanobiology: Force modulation of ensemble biochemical and cell-based assays 18 8

Deep Learning Classification of Lipid Droplets in Quantitative Phase Images 26 18 4

In vivo fluorescence lifetime imaging captures metabolic changes in macrophages during wound responses in zebrafish 27 18 10 3

3D bioprinting of co-cultured osteogenic spheroids for bone tissue fabrication 85 57 18

A benchmarking model for validation and standardization of traction force microscopy analysis tools 195 18 4

The Roles of Space and Stochasticity in Computational Simulations of Cellular Biochemistry: Quantitative Analysis and Qualitative Insights 38 4

Single-cell cytometry via multiplexed fluorescence prediction by label-free reflectance microscopy 70 26 18 4

Probabilistic Approach to Understand Errors in Sequencing and its based Applications 145 4

Microvillar cartography: a super-resolution single-molecule imaging method to map the positions of membrane proteins with respect to cellular surface topography 70 18 8

Pattern-based Contractility Screening (PaCS), a reference-free traction force microscopy methodology, reveals contractile differences in breast cancer cells 18 8 4

Bayesian inference for biophysical neuron models enables stimulus optimization for retinal neuroprosthetics 38 18 2

HPM Live μ for full CLEM workflow 70 18 4

Transfer function for YAP/TAZ nuclear translocation revealed through spatial systems modeling 38 18 8

Extraction of Protein Dynamics Information Hidden in Cryo-EM Map Using Deep Learning 111 51 8 4

Combining sample expansion and light sheet microscopy for the volumetric imaging of virus-infected cells with optical super-resolution 70 18 8

Dynamics of chromosomal target search by a membrane-integrated one-component receptor 127 8 3

A theoretical framework to study the influence of electrical fields on mesenchymal stem cells 172 127 38 18

Estimating RNA dynamics using one time point for one sample in a single-pulse metabolic experiment 83 4

A fuzzy-registration approach to track cell divisions in time-lapse fluorescence microscopy 70 18 4

High-Speed Super-Resolution Imaging Using Protein-Assisted DNA-PAINT 70 18 8 4

3D Variability Analysis: Directly resolving continuous flexibility and discrete heterogeneity from single particle cryo-EM images 111 51 18 8 4

Capturing volumetric dynamics at high speed in the brain by confocal light field microscopy 70 18 2

Single-particle cryo-EM at atomic resolution 111 51 8 4

Signal-to-signal Neural Networks for Improved Spike Estimation from Calcium Imaging Data 26 4 2

Non-Invasive Single-Cell Morphometry in Living Bacterial Biofilms 26 18 4