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matter white diffusion mri neuroscience anisotropy fractional imaging age longitudinal microstructure brain tensor cognitive measures fasciculus structural volume tracts healthy diffusivity weighted inferior years right cortical adults fa mean tract associations tractography dti magnetic resonance left aging connectivity grey participants volumes aged subcortical related frontal neuroimaging decline microstructural sample changes thickness across differences lower associated scores individuals occipital cerebral fronto metrics gray regions was t1 cortex dementia cognition were children parietal superior callosum corpus sectional performance association multimodal cohort fibre wm underwent older findings relationship between showed cross dmri linear impairment follow assessed gyrus sex neurite study lifespan atrophy adolescence

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Free-water metrics in medial temporal lobe white matter tract projections relate to longitudinal cognitive decline 75 22 15 2

The effect of vascular health factors on white matter microstructure mediates age-related differences in executive function performance 75 22 15 2

The white matter network in cognitive normal elderly predict the rate of cognitive decline 75 22 2

Diffusion MRI Changes in the Healthy Aging Canine Brain 75 22 2

fMRI-guided white matter connectivity in fluid and crystallized cognitive abilities in healthy adults 75 22 2

The MRi-Share database: brain imaging in a cross-sectional cohort of 1,870 university students 75 22 15 2

Diffusion MRI free water is a sensitive marker of age-related changes in the cingulum 75 22 15 2

White matter microstructure across the adult lifespan: A mixed longitudinal and cross-sectional study using advanced diffusion models and brain-age prediction 75 59 22 15 2

Advanced diffusion-weighted MRI metrics detect sex differences in aging among 15,000 adults in the UK Biobank 75 59 15 2

Age-related changes of Peak width Skeletonized Mean Diffusivity (PSMD) across the adult life span: a multi-cohort study 75 15 2

Exogenous sex hormone effects on brain microstructure in women: a diffusion MRI study in the UK Biobank 75 59 15 2

Associations between ADHD symptom remission and white matter microstructure: a longitudinal analysis 75 15 2

Obesity impairs cognitive function via metabolic syndrome and cerebrovascular disease: an SEM analysis in 15,000 adults from the UK Biobank. 75 22 15 2

Plasma neurofilament light protein correlates with diffusion tensor imaging metrics in frontotemporal dementia 75 22 2

Childhood conduct problems are associated with reduced white matter fibre density and morphology 75 15 2

Diffusion property and functional connectivity of superior longitudinal fasciculus underpin human metacognition 75 22 2

Multimodal brain-age prediction and cardiovascular risk: The Whitehall II MRI sub-study 75 22 15 2

Multimodal brain imaging study of 19,825 participants reveals adverse effects of moderate drinking 75 22 15 2

White matter microstructure in attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder: a systematic tractography study in 654 individuals 75 15 2

Age-related differences in network structure and dynamic synchrony of cognitive control 75 22 2

White Matter Disruption in Pediatric Traumatic Brain Injury: Results from ENIGMA Pediatric msTBI 75 15 2

White matter brain aging In Relationship to Schizophrenia and Its Cognitive Deficit 75 22 15 2

A longitudinal study of white matter functional network in mild traumatic brain injury 75 22 2

Longitudinal white matter development in children is associated with puberty, attentional difficulties, and mental health 75 22 15 2

Disconnectome Associated with Progressive Ischemic Periventricular White Matter Lesions 75 22 2

Structural brain imaging predicts individual-level task activation maps using deep learning 75 22 2

Examining the boundary sharpness coefficient as an index of cortical microstructure and its relationship to age and sex in autism spectrum disorder 75 22 15 2

Impact of second-generation antipsychotics on white matter microstructure in adolescent-onset psychosis. 75 15 2

Integration of Brain and Behavior Measures for Identification of Data-Driven Groups Cutting Across Children with ASD, ADHD, or OCD 75 22 15 2

Multiple parietal pathways are associated with rTMS-induced hippocampal network enhancement and episodic memory changes. 75 22 2

Dementia risk factors modify hubs but leave other connectivity measures unchanged in asymptomatic individuals: a graph theoretical analysis. 75 22 15 2

Graph-theoretical Analysis of EEG Functional Connectivity during Balance Perturbation in Traumatic Brain Injury. 75 22 2

White matter microstructure predicts focal and broad functional brain dedifferentiation in normal aging 75 22 2

The influence of intergenerational transfer of white matter tracts on early reading development 193 75 22 15 2

Maturational trajectories of white matter microstructure underlying the right presupplementary motor area reflect individual improvements in motor response cancellation in children and adolescents 75 22 2

White matter connectivity of uncinate fasciculus and inferior fronto-occipital fasciculus: A possible early biomarker for callous-unemotional behaviors in young children with ADHD 75 22 15 2

An Age-Specific Atlas for Delineation of White Matter Pathways in Children Aged 6-8 Years 75 59 15 2

Bundle-specific associations between white matter microstructure and Aβ and tau pathology at their connecting cortical endpoints in older adults at risk of Alzheimer's disease 75 32 22 15 2

Individual deviations from normative models of brain structure in a large cross-sectional schizophrenia cohort 75 15 2

Impact of long- and short-range fiber depletion on the cognitive deficits of fronto-temporal dementia 75 22 2

Brain age prediction reveals aberrant brain white matter in schizophrenia and bipolar disorder: A multi-sample diffusion tensor imaging study 75 15 2

Structural alterations in the macaque frontoparietal white matter network after recovery from prefrontal cortex lesions 75 22 2

Myelin water fraction decrease in mild traumatic brain injury 75 15 2

Association between proteomic blood biomarkers and DTI/NODDI metrics in adolescent football players 75 15 2

Fluent speech: neural basis of sensorimotor plasticity in developmental stuttering 75 22 2

Hippocampal grey matter tissue microstructure does not explain individual differences in hippocampal-dependent task performance 75 22 2

Analysis of diffusion tensor imaging data from UK Biobank confirms dosage effect of 15q11.2 copy-number variation on white matter and shows association with cognition 75 15 2

Investigating the interaction between white matter and brain state on tDCS-induced changes in brain network activity 75 22 2

Mapping the human praxis network: an investigation of white matter disconnection in limb apraxia 75 22 2

White matter fascicles and cortical microstructure predict reading-related responses in human ventral temporal cortex 75 22 2

Neurobiological underpinnings of rapid white matter plasticity during intensive reading instruction 75 59 15 2

Testing relationships between multimodal modes of brain structural variation and age, sex and polygenic scores for neuroticism in children and adolescents 75 22 15 2

Multimodal principal component analysis to identify major features of white matter structure and links to reading 75 15 2

Visual dysfunction predicts cognitive impairment and white matter degeneration in Parkinson's disease 75 15 2

Missing the forest because of the trees: Slower alternations during binocular rivalry are associated with lower levels of visual detail 75 22 2

Birth weight is associated with brain tissue volumes seven decades later, but not with age-associated changes to brain structure 75 15 2

A general role for ventral white matter pathways in morphological processing: going beyond reading 75 22 2

Cerebral Atrophy in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Parallels the Pathological Distribution of TDP43 75 61 22 15 2

Impact of b-value on estimates of apparent fibre density 75 59 15 2

White matter microstructural changes in short-term learning of a continuous visuomotor sequence 22 2

Integrity of anterior corpus callosum is well related to language impairment after traumatic brain injury 75 15 2

The macaque brain ONPRC18 template with combined gray and white matter labelmap for multimodal neuroimaging studies of nonhuman primates 75 59 22 2

Sleep and sleep deprivation differentially alter white matter microstructure: a mixed model design utilising advanced diffusion modelling 75 15 2

Dorsal to ventral imbalance in the superior longitudinal fasciculus mediates methylphenidate's effect on beta oscillations in ADHD 75 22 2

In vivo Restricted-Diffusion Imaging (RDI) is sensitive to differences in axonal density in typical children and adults 75 59 15

Improving spatial normalization of brain diffusion MRI to measure longitudinal changes of tissue microstructure in the cortex and white matter. 75 59 22 15 2

Recollection-related hippocampal fMRI effects predict longitudinal memory change in healthy older adults 75 22 2

Altered Thalamocortical Connectivity in Six-Week Old Infants at High Familial Risk for Autism Spectrum Disorder 75 22 2

Multimodal imaging brain markers in early adolescence are linked with a physically active lifestyle 75 22 15 2

Structural and functional brain parameters related to cognitive performance across development: Replication and extension of the parieto-frontal integration theory in a single sample. 75 22 2

Development of attention networks from childhood to young adulthood: A study of performance, intraindividual variability and cortical thickness 75 22 2

Inhibitory control and the structural parcellation of the right inferior frontal gyrus 75 22 2

Impact of Model Order Choice on the Results of Parallel Independent Component Analysis 75 59 22 15 2

Advanced paternal age effect on offspring's reading ability: The mediating role of thalamic maturation 75 22 2

Body mass index, time of day, and genetics affect perivascular spaces in the white matter 75 59 22 15 2

Network efficiency predicts resilience to cognitive decline in elderly at risk for Alzheimer's 75 32 15 2

Delayed maturation of the structural brain connectome in neonates with congenital heart disease 75 15 2

Neurofeedback fMRI in the motor system elicits bi-directional changes in activity and white-matter structure in the healthy adult human brain 75 2

Functional and diffusion MRI reveal the functional and structural basis of infants' noxious-evoked brain activity 75 22 2

Drumming motor sequence training induces myelin remodelling in Huntington's disease: a longitudinal diffusion MRI and quantitative magnetization transfer study 75 22 15 2

Ultra-high field imaging reveals increased whole brain connectivity underpins cognitive strategies that attenuate pain 22 2

Cross-sectional and longitudinal associations of family income-to-needs ratio with cortical and subcortical brain volume in adolescent boys and girls 75 15 2

Predicting MEG resting-state functional connectivity using microstructural information 75 22 2

The R1-weighted connectome: complementing brain networks with a myelin-sensitive measure 75 22 2

Hippocampal and parahippocampal grey matter structural integrity assessed by multimodal imaging is associated with episodic memory in old age 75 22 15 2

Determining the association between cortical morphology and cognition in 10,145 children from the Adolescent Brain and Cognitive Development (ABCD) study using the MOSTest 75 22 2

Cross-sectional volumes and trajectories of the human brain, gray matter, white matter and cerebrospinal fluid in 9,473 typically aging adults 75 59 22 15 2

Brain structural connectivity predicts brain functional complexity: DTI derived centrality accounts for variance in fractal properties of fMRI signal 22 2

White matter hyperintensity-associated structural disconnection, resting state functional connectivity, and cognitive control in older adults 22 2

Effect of MIND Diet Intervention on Cognitive Performance and Brain Structure in Healthy Obese Women: A Randomized Controlled Trial 75 15 2

Feasibility of axon density metrics for brain asymmetry evaluation in the UK Biobank subsample 75 59 38 15 4 2

Diffusion-MRI-based regional cortical microstructure at birth for predicting neurodevelopmental outcomes at 2-year-olds 75 22 2

Fibre-specific laterality of white matter in left and right language dominant people 75 22 2

Shape Analysis of the Human Association Pathways 75 22 2

Macroscale connectome manifold expansion in adolescence 22 2

Attentional bias to threat and gray mater volume morphology in high anxious individuals 22 2

Conductance-Based Structural Brain Connectivity in Aging and Dementia 75 22 2

Cognitive and brain development is independently influenced by socioeconomic status and polygenic scores for educational attainment. 75 22 2

Repeatability of soma and neurite metrics incortical and subcortical grey matter 75 59 22 15 2

Brain-wide structural and functional disruption in mice with oligodendrocyte specific Nf1 deletion is rescued by inhibition of NOS 75 65 22 2