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Systematic characterization of somatic mutation-mediated microRNA regulatory network perturbations 74 9

Characterizing microRNA-mediated modulation of gene expression noise and its effect on synthetic gene circuits 74 38 9

AGO HITS-CLIP in Adipose Tissue Reveals miR-29 as a Post-Transcriptional Regulator of Leptin 74 39 9 3

A Genome-wide microRNA screen identifies the microRNA-183/96/182 cluster as a modulator of circadian rhythms 74 9 3

mir-21 is associated with inactive low molecular weight Argonaute complexes in thyroid cancer cell lines 74 49 14 9 3

Crosstalk between microRNA expression and DNA methylation drive the hormone-dependent phenotype of breast cancer 74 9 3

Exploration of endogenous miRNA-200b/c activity and regulation through a functional dual fluorescence reporter 74 33 3

MicroRNA-224 Promotes Cell Migration and Invasion by Targeting HOXA5 expression in Hepatocellular Carcinoma 74 14 3

Computational analysis of microRNA-mediated interactions in SARS-CoV-2 infection 74 41 1

Determination of primary microRNA processing in clinicalsamples by targeted pri-miR-sequencing 74 9

Identification of microRNAs involved in NOD-dependent induction of pro-inflammatory genes in pulmonary endothelial cells 74 27 3

From miRNA target gene network to miRNA function: miR-375 might regulate apoptosis and actin dynamics in the heart muscle via Rho-GTPases-dependent pathways 74 13 9 3

MiR-124 synergism with ELAVL3 enhances target gene expression to promote neuronal maturity 74 49 3

YAP/TAZ and EZH2 synergize to impair tumor suppressor activity of TGFBR2 in non-small cell lung cancer 74 14 3

miR-183/96/182 cluster is an important morphogenetic factor targeting PAX6 expression in differentiating human retinal organoids 74 57 20 3

MicroRNA Profiles in Calcified and Healthy Aorta Differ: Therapeutic Impact of miR-145 and miR-378 74 10 3

Viral miRNAs Confer Survival in Host Cells by Targeting Apoptosis Related Host Genes 74 41 9 3

Brain microRNAs among social and solitary bees 74 21 9 5

Integrated biological networks associated with platinum-based chemotherapy response in ovarian cancer 74 9 3

Non-coding RNAs in fluid shear stress-driven and reactive oxygen species-mediated colon cancer metastasis 74 9

Circulating microRNA-762 upregulates colorectal cancer might through Wnt-1/b-catenin signaling 98 74 14 10 3

Extracellular microRNA 3' end modification across diverse body fluids 74 9

Fine-tuning of the PAX-SIX-EYA-DACH network by multiple microRNAs controls embryo myogenesis 74 49 9 3

Genome-wide Identification and Analysis of Enhancer Regulated microRNAs Across 31 Human Cancers 74 31 9

Ozone-induced changes in murine lung extracellular vesicle number and small RNA content 74 7 3

sTAM: An Online Tool for the Discovery of miRNA-set Level Disease Biomarkers 74 4

MicroRNA 1253 regulation of WAVE2 and its relevance to health disparities in hypertension 74 49 3

Implications of SARS-CoV-2 mutations for genomic RNA structure and host microRNA targeting 74 37 1

Identification of hsa-miR-106a-5p as an impact agent on promotion of multiple sclerosis using multi-step data analysis. 74 9

NF90 Modulates Processing of a Subset of Human Pri-miRNAs 74 49 9 3

Crinet: A computational tool to infer genome-wide competing endogenous RNA (ceRNA) interactions 74 13 4

Hearing impairment due to Mir183/96/182 mutations suggests both loss and gain of function effects 74 65 3

KH domain containing RNA-binding proteins coordinate with microRNAs to regulate Caenorhabditis elegans development 74 49 9 3

Role of Differential Expression of miRNAs miR-125a, miR-200a and miR-199a in Metastatic Property of Ovarian Cancer Cell lines and Relationship between miR-199a and its Predicted Target Protein GSK3β 74 49 3

Integrated Bioinformatics Analysis Deciphering the microRNA Regulation in Protein-Protein Interaction Network in Lung Adenocarcinoma 74 9

Spliceosome-Associated MicroRNAs Identified in Breast Cancer Cells Act on Nuclear Targets and Are Potential Indicators for Tumorigenicity 74 14 3

Post-transcriptional Regulation is the Major Driver of microRNA Expression Variation 74 9

miRNA activity inferred from single cell mRNA expression 43 4

miR-34c-3p regulates PKA activity independent of cAMP via ablation of PRKAR2B in Theileria annulata-infected leukocytes and Plasmodium falciparum-infected erythrocytes 74 49 3

High throughput identification of miR-145 targets in human articular chondrocytes 74 49 9 3

Elucidation of novel miRNA candidates and their role in unraveling the pathology of Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease 74 9

Identification of regulatory microRNAs for hypoxia induced coagulation mechanism by In-silico analysis 74 9 3

Noncanonical targeting contributes significantly to miRNA-mediated regulation. 7

The potential role of miR-21-3p in coronavirus-host interplay 7 1

Variability in porcine microRNA genes and its association with mRNA expression phenotypes 74 9

Network and systems based re-engineering of dendritic cells with non-coding RNAs forcancer immunotherapy 74 27 14 10 9 3

Dicer- and BSC-dependent miRNAs during murine anagen hair follicle development 74 49 3

Population variation of miRNAs and isomiRs and their impact on human immunity to infection 74 9 5

The tRNA pseudouridine synthase TruB1 regulates the maturation and function of let-7 miRNA 74 49 3

MicroRNA arm switching regulated by uridylation 74 3

Integrated aqueous humor ceRNA and miRNA-TF-mRNA network analysis reveals potential molecular mechanisms governing primary open-angle glaucoma pathogenesis 74 49 9 3

LMSM: a modular approach for identifying lncRNA related miRNA sponge modules in breast cancer 74 4

MicroRNA-dependent inhibition of PFN2 orchestrates ERK activation and pluripotent state transitions by regulating endocytosis 74 20 3

Network potential identifies therapeutic miRNA cocktails in Ewings Sarcoma 74 14 9

Complex networks of miRNA-transcription factors mediate gene dosage compensation in aneuploid cancer 74 9 3

The evaluation of miR-874 antagomiR and miR-146a toxicity in cardiomyocytes 74 10 3

Robust partitioning of microRNA targets from downstream regulatory changes 74 43 31 9 4

miRinGO: Prediction of biological processes indirectly targeted by human microRNAs 13 4

Integrated role of microRNA-30e-5p through targeting negative regulators of innate immune pathways during HBV infection and SLE 74 27 10 3

Fe(III) heme sets an activation threshold for processing distinct groups of pri-miRNAs in mammalian cells 74 49 3

Functional microRNA targetome undergoes degeneration-induced shift in the retina 74 72 3

Competitive learning suggests circulating miRNA profiles for cancers decades prior to diagnosis 74 15 14 9

Single Cell Analysis Reveals Multi-faceted miR-375 Regulation of the Intestinal Crypt 74 3

MiR-203 inhibits the proliferation, invasion, and migration of pancreatic cancer cells by down-regulating fibroblast growth factor 2 74 14 3

An alternative miRISC targeting a coding mutation site in FOXL2 links to granulosa cell tumor 74 49 14 3

Integration of Transcriptome and Small RNA Sequencing to Decipher Molecular Interaction of Chenopodium quinoa Varieties with Cucumber Mosaic Virus 74 9

Extracellular vesicles and their miRNA cargo in retinal health and degeneration: mediators of homeostasis, and vehicles for targeted gene therapy. 74 72 10 3

Detection of pre-microRNA with Convolutional Neural Networks 105 26 4

lncRNA-RMST functioned as a SOX2 transcription co-regulator to regulate miR-1251 in the progression of Hirschsprung's disease 74 3

miR-125-chinmo pathway regulates dietary restriction dependent enhancement of lifespan in Drosophila 74 3

MiREDiBase: a manually curated database of editing events in microRNAs 74 4

ERH as a component of the Microprocessor facilitates the maturation of suboptimal microRNAs 74 63 8 3

Characterization of miRNAs encoded by Autographa californica nucleopolyhedrovirus 74 41 9

Trichinella spiralis secretes abundant unencapsulated small RNAs with potential effects on host gene expression 74 49 3

Maternal high fat diet alters lactation-specific miRNA expression and programs the DNA methylome in the amygdala of female offspring 74 3

Intact RNA structurome reveals mRNA structure-mediated regulation of miRNA cleavage in vivo 49 31 3

Drosha Regulates Oogenesis and microRNAs Germline Autonomously and Non autonomously in C. elegans 74 20 3

Revised annotation and characterization of novel Aedes albopictus miRNAs and their potential functions in dengue virus infection 48 9

Structures of microRNA-precursor apical junctions and loops reveal non-canonical base pairs important for processing 74 63 8

miRNA-mediated loss of m6A increases nascent translation in glioblastoma 74 49 14 3

Towards a consensus microRNA signature of primary and metastatic colorectal cancer 74 9

pDriver: A novel method for unravelling personalised coding and miRNA cancer drivers 13 4

Human USP18 is regulated by miRNAs via the 3'UTR, a sequence duplicated in lincRNA genes residing in chr22q11.21 74 49 9 3

Treating the Network: Targeted inhibition of two specific microRNAs in the brainstem prevents the development of hypertension 74

MicroRNA clusters integrate evolutionary constraints on expression and target affinities: the miR-6/5/4/286/3/309 cluster in Drosophila leg development 74 9

Analysis of circulating-microRNA expression in lactating Holstein cows under summer heat stress 74 9

miR-100-5p downregulates mTOR to suppress the proliferation, migration and invasion of prostate cancer cells 74 10 3

An evolutionarily acquired microRNA shapes development of mammalian cortical projections 74 11 9

Tumor IsomiR Encyclopedia (TIE): a pan-cancer database of miRNA isoforms 74 4

miRCoop: Identifying Cooperating miRNAs via Kernel Based Interaction Tests 74 13 9 4

MicroRNA-214 prevents pulmonary angiogenesis and alveolarization in rat models with hyperoxia-mediated impairment of lung development by blocking PlGF-dependent STAT3 signaling pathway 74 10 3

Cis-regulatory mutations associate with transcriptional and post-transcriptional deregulation of the gene regulatory program in cancers 134 9 3

Stabilization of p53 by microRNAs in HPV-positive cervical cancer cells 74 14 3

Pan-Cancer analysis of somatic mutations in miRNA genes 74 9

microRNA-seq of cartilage reveals an over-abundance of miR-140-3p which contains functional isomiRs 74 9

Depletion of erythropoietic miR-486-5p and miR-451a improves detectability of rare microRNAs in peripheral blood-derived small RNA sequencing libraries 74 4

Identification and transcriptional regulation of the mir-218-1 alternative promoter 74 31 9 3

Cooperative action of miR-124 and ISX9 in instructing direct reprogramming of mouse astrocytes to induced-neurons in vitro and in vivo 133 74 3

Micro RNAs are minor constituents of extracellular vesicles and are hardly delivered to target cells 74 49

Analysis of High Molecular Weight RNA-induced silencing complex (HMW-RISC) in CD8+ T cells identifies miR-7 as a modulator of T cell activation 74 49 3