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mitochondrial mitochondria oxidative dysfunction atp metabolic respiration metabolism phosphorylation oxygen stress function glycolysis energy deficiency ros cardiac cellular cells oxidation membrane bioenergetics cell levels mitophagy biology chain transport induced impaired mice electron death homeostasis increased heart accumulation reactive autophagy production damage biogenesis damaged loss muscle fatty oxphos protein synthesis parkin reduced deficient respiratory skeletal flux cardiomyocytes biochemistry decreased fibroblasts nad redox mediated tca dependent role regulator aging acid diseases organelle rescued hypoxia organelles elevated regulates pathway impairs proteins therapeutic signaling physiology neurodegenerative hearts cardiomyocyte lacking bioenergetic expression leading essential injury increase inhibition pathological overexpression dysfunctional involved activation disease nuclear cycle

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Mitochondrial fission factor (MFF) is a critical regulator of peroxisome maturation 95 34 3

Metabolism of glucose and glutamine is critical for skeletal muscle stem cell activation. 95 67 3

Cofilin1 oxidation links oxidative distress to mitochondrial demise and neuronal cell death 95 3

Oxidative switch drives mitophagy defects in dopaminergic parkin mutant patient neurons 95 54 3

Endoplasmic Reticulum Associated Degradation (ERAD) Deficiency Promotes Mitochondrial Dysfunction and Transcriptional Rewiring in Human Hepatic Cells 69 3

Identification of bioactive metabolites in human iPSC-derived dopaminergic neurons with PARK2 mutation: altered mitochondrial and energy metabolism. 95 7 3

Mitochondrial survivin reduces oxidative phosphorylation in cancer cells by inhibiting mitophagy. 95 34 3

PDH Mediated Mitochondrial Respiration Controls the Speed of Muscle Stem Cell Activation in Muscle Repair and Aging 95 57 3

Mitochondrial functional resilience after TFAM ablation in adult cardiomyocytes 95 3

Mitochondrial nucleoid organization and biogenesis of complex I require mTERF18/SHOT1 and ATAD3 in Arabidopsis thaliana. 128 95 16 3

MOTS-c is an Exercise-Induced Mitochondrial-Encoded Regulator of Age-Dependent Physical Decline and Muscle Homeostasis 95 3

AMP-activated-kinase (AMPK) is essential sensor and metabolic regulator of retinal neurons and their integrated metabolism with RPE. 72 3

MCART1 is required for mitochondrial NAD transport 95 67 34 3

Sirt1 mediated regulation of p107 mitochondrial function controls muscle stem cell proliferative fates 95 3

The lysosomal TRPML1 channel promotes breast cancer survival by supporting mitochondrial function and cellular metabolism 95 14 3

Prolonged disturbance of proteostasis induces cellular senescence via temporal mitochondrial dysfunction and enhanced mitochondrial biogenesis in human fibroblasts 128 95 10 3

Mitochondrial ROS1 increases mitochondrial fission and respiration in oral squamous cancer carcinoma 95 3

Breast cancer-associated skeletal muscle mitochondrial dysfunction and lipid accumulation is reversed by PPARG 186 95 3

ECSIT prevents Alzheimer's disease pathology by regulating neuronal mitochondrial ROS and mitophagy 32 10 3

Functional Changes Induced by Short Term Caloric Restriction in Cardiac and Skeletal Muscle Mitochondria 95 67 10 3

Substrate-dependent suppression of oxidative phosphorylation in the Frataxin-depleted heart 95 3

Mitophagy protects beta cells from inflammatory damage in diabetes 95 10 3

Complex effects of pH on ROS from mitochondrial complex II driven complex I reverse electron transport challenge its role in tissue reperfusion injury 128 95 67 3

A roadmap for the characterization of energy metabolism in human cardiomyocytes derived from induced pluripotent stem cells 95 67 57 10 3

Recombinant human MG53 protein preserves mitochondria integrity in cardiomyocytes during ischemia reperfusion-induced oxidative stress 95 10 3

IF1 connects obesity and insulin resistance through mitochondrial reprogramming in association with ANT2 39 10 3

Mitochondria regulate Drosophila intestinal stem cell differentiation through FOXO 95 20 3

Eukarion-134 attenuates endoplasmic reticulum stress-induced mitochondrial dysfunction in human skeletal muscle cells 95 7 3

MEKK3-MEK5-ERK5 signaling promotes mitochondrial degradation 95 34 3

Mitochondrial dysfunction underlying sporadic inclusion body myositis is ameliorated by the mitochondrial homing drug MA-5 95 10 3

Inactivation of the mitochondrial protease Afg3l2 results in severely diminished respiratory chain activity and widespread defects in mitochondrial gene expression 95 3

NRF-1 and HIF-1α modulate activity of human VDAC1 gene promoter during starvation and hypoxia in HeLa cells 95 3

Mitochondrial uncoupling protein 2 (UCP2), but not UCP3, is sensitive to oxygen concentration in cells 7 3

Autophagy promotes cell and organismal survival by maintaining NAD(H) pools 95 34 3

Sterol 14α-demethylase is vital for mitochondrial functions and stress tolerance in Leishmania major 95 67 12 3

BRAWNIN: A sORF-encoded Peptide Essential for Vertebrate Mitochondrial Complex III Assembly 95 67 3

Human INCL fibroblasts display abnormal mitochondrial and lysosomal networks and heightened susceptibility to ROS-induced cell death 95 69 3

Misoprostol Treatment Prevents Hypoxia-Induced Cardiac Dysfunction, Aberrant Cardiomyocyte Mitochondrial Dynamics and Permeability Transition Through Bnip3 Phosphorylation 95 3

Increased glycolysis is an early outcome of palmitate-mediated lipotoxicity 95 67 39 10 3

FGFR Signaling Coordinates the Balance Between Glycolysis and Fatty Acid β-Oxidation in Lymphatic Endothelial Cells 95 67 3

Deletion of the mitochondrial matrix protein cyclophilin-D prevents parvalbumin interneuron dysfunction and cognitive deficits in a mouse model of NMDA hypofunction 104 11 3 2

Drosophila phosphatidylinositol-4 kinase fwd promotes mitochondrial fission and can suppress Pink1/parkin phenotypes 95 34 3

Depletion of cardiolipin induces major changes in energy metabolism in Trypanosoma brucei bloodstream forms 95 67 34 3

Mitochondrial protein interaction landscape of SS-31 95 45 3

Oxidative stress induces cell death partially by decreasing both mRNA and protein levels of nicotinamide phosphoribosyltransferase in PC12 cells 95 10 3

Mitochondrial fatty acid synthesis coordinates mitochondrial oxidative metabolism 95 67 3

Mitochondrial CaMKII causes metabolic reprogramming, energetic insufficiency, and dilated cardiomyopathy 95 10 3

Orphan nuclear receptor COUP-TFII drives the myofibroblast metabolic shift leading to fibrosis 95 10 3

Adaptive mitochondrial regulation of the proteasome 95 3

Proteomic profiling of mitochondrial-derived vesicles in brain reveals enrichment of respiratory complex sub-assemblies and small TIM chaperones 95 34 3

Neural stem cells traffic functional mitochondria via extracellular vesicles to correct mitochondrial dysfunction in target cells 95 10 3

SREBP1 regulates mitochondrial metabolism in oncogenic KRAS expressing NSCLC 108 95 14 3

Cockayne syndrome proteins CSA and CSB maintain mitochondrial homeostasis through NAD+ signaling 95 3

The ESCRT protein CHMP5 restrains skeletal progenitor cell senescence by preserving endo-lysosomal-mitochondrial network 95 3

Increased demand for NAD+ relative to ATP drives aerobic glycolysis 95 67 3

Dynamic metabolic reprogramming in dendritic cells: an early response to influenza infection that is essential for effector function 27 10 3

Mitochondrial, cell cycle control and neuritogenesis alterations in an iPSC-based neurodevelopmental model for schizophrenia 95 57 3

The AMPK-related kinase NUAK1 controls cortical axons branching though a local modulation of mitochondrial metabolic functions 95 11 3

Cardiomyocyte-specific Srsf3 deletion reveals a mitochondrial regulatory role 95 3

Hypoxia mediated regulation of mitochondrial transcription factors: Implications of hypertensive renal physiology 95 3

MitoROS due to loss of Slc4a11 in corneal endothelial cells induces ER stress, lysosomal dysfunction and impairs autophagy 95 10 3

Sperm-specific COX6B2 Enhances Oxidative Phosphorylation, Proliferation, and Survival in Lung Adenocarcinoma 95 14 3

Alpha-ketoglutarate inhibits Regulatory T cell differentiation by coupling lipidome remodelling to mitochondrial metabolism 95 88 3

Proteomic and mitochondrial adaptations to early-life stress are distinct in juveniles and adults 56 15 10 2

Cytosolic Adaptation to Mitochondrial Precursor Overaccumulation Stress Induces Progressive Muscle Wasting 95 3

An in-silico study to determine whether changes to mitochondria organization through engineered mitochondrial dynamics can enhance bioenergetics in cardiomyocytes 95 38

UCP3 plays a complementary role to UCP1 in brown adipose tissue mitochondrial bioenergetics 95 39 3

Methionine stress induces ferroptosis in methionine dependent cancer cells 95 14 3

RND3/RhoE deficiency in preeclamptic women impairs placental mitochondrial function via regulation of the PPARgamma-UCP2 pathway 95 3

Mitochondrial-Derived Compartments Facilitate Cellular Adaptation to Amino Acid Stress 95 34 3

Mitochondrial fission governed by Drp1 regulates exogenous fatty acid usage and storage 95 67 34 3

Altered glutamine metabolism of cultured fibroblasts predicts severity of cardiac dysfunction in the dilated cardiomyopathy with ataxia syndrome (DCMA), a mitochondrial cardiomyopathy 95 10

Development of an in vitro senescent hepatic cell model for metabolic studies in aging 95 39 10 3

Skeletal muscle DNMT3A plays a necessary role in endurance exercise by regulating oxidative capacity of red muscles 128 95 3

Disarrangement of Endoplasmic reticulum-mitochondria communication impairs Ca2+ homeostasis in FRDA 69 3

Diabetes induced decreases in PKA signaling in cardiomyocytes: the role of insulin 102 95 3

Intra-mitochondrial proteostasis is directly coupled to alpha-synuclein and Amyloid β 1-42 pathology 54 32 3

Parkinson Disease-Linked Parkin Mediates Redox Reactions That Lower Oxidative Stress In Mammalian Brain 95 10 3

Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease is associated with decreased hepatocyte mitochondrial respiration but not mitochondrial number 95 10 3

Stimulation of the human mitochondrial transporter ABCB10 by zinc-mesoporphrin 95 63 8 3

Activation of amino acid metabolic program in response to impaired glycolysis in cardiac HIF1 deficient mice 95 20 3

Loss of COX4i1 leads to combined respiratory chain deficiency and impaired mitochondrial proteosynthesis 95 67 34 3


Mitochondria-Derived Vesicles prevent inflammation by controlling the inclusion of mitochondrial proteins into extracellular vesicles 95 34 3

Protein Interaction Patterns in Arabidopsis thaliana Leaf Mitochondria Change in Response to Illumination 95 16 3

Oxidised phosphatidylcholines induce multiple functional defects in airway epithelial cells 95 10 3

Mitofusin 2 regulates neutrophil adhesive migration via suppressing Rac activation 95 34 3

Regulations of mitochondrial DNA repair by poly(ADP-Ribose) Polymerase 1 95 67 46 3

The RNA helicase DHX30 coordinates cytoplasmic translation and mitochondrial function contributing to cancer cell survival 49 3

Reduction of Elevated Proton Leak Rejuvenates Mitochondria in the Aged Cardiomyocyte 95 10 3

An unexpected lack of difference in superoxide/H2O2 production rates in isolated heart and skeletal muscle mitochondria from a mouse model of Barth Syndrome 95 67 10

When and why an essential popular mineral-calcium-is an effective antifungal adjuvant against the human pathogen? 95 34 3

Interleukin-22 mediated renal metabolic reprogramming via PFKFB3 to treat kidney injury 95 64 10 3

Adenine Nucleotide Translocase regulates the airway epithelium, mitochondrial metabolism and ciliary function 95 3

Transcriptomics, metabolomics and lipidomics of chronically injured alveolar epithelial cells reveals similar features of IPF lung epithelium 120 95 9 3

Glucocorticoid Receptor ablation promotes cardiac regeneration by hampering cardiomyocyte terminal differentiation 95 57 20 3

CLPX regulates erythroid heme synthesis by control of mitochondrial heme synthesis enzymes and iron utilization 95 3

Enhancing mitochondrial activity in neurons protects against neurodegeneration in CNS inflammation 95 11 3

Mitochondrial Complex II In Intestinal Epithelial Cells Regulates T-cell Mediated Immunopathology 95 27 3

Thioesterase Superfamily Member 1 Undergoes Stimulus-coupled Reorganization to Regulate Metabolism 95 78 67 34 3