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Efficient Method for Genomic DNA Mutagenesis in E. coli 92 28

A simple and efficient method for in vitro site-directed mutagenesis 92 28 18

An Efficient Method for Protein Crystallization 92 28

A restriction-free method for gene reconstitution 92 28

Rice Tolerance to Drought is Complex Both Physiologically and Genetically 92 28 16

ITS2 Pretrial Gene Identification Related to Seed and Flower Identification for Cyclea barbata 92 28 16

An innovative approach for HLA typing, molecular tumor testing and the validation of tumor exclusive antigens 28 7

METTL3 inhibitors for epitranscriptomic modulation of cellular processes 28

From SARS-CoV to Wuhan 2019-nCoV Outbreak: Similarity of Early Epidemic and Prediction of Future Trends 28 1

ROS function as a distinct mitochondrial retrograde response factor for appropriate cardiogenic specifications and cardiac function in Drosophila embryos 28

Pseudo-Location: A novel predictor for predicting pseudo-temporal gene expression patterns using spatial functional regression 28 4

Transcriptome analysis reveals salinity responses in four Tartary buckwheat cultivars 28

Transcriptome Comparison of organ of Corti in mice, chick and zebrafish 28 7

Effect of Exogenous Amino Acids on Yield and Quality of Tartary Buckwheat in Non-saline and Saline-alkali Soil 28

High-Spatial-Resolution Multi-Omics Atlas Sequencing of Mouse Embryos via Deterministic Barcoding in Tissue 28

Evaluation of origin of driving force for loop formation in a chromatin fiber 28

Learning receptive field properties of complex cells in V1 28

Antagonistic Co-contraction Can Minimise Muscular Effort in Systems with Uncertainty 28

Sampling strategies for modelling above ground biomass using optimal imagery and LiDAR metrics 28

Large-scale dissection suggests that ultraconserved elements are dispensable for mouse embryonic stem cell survival and fitness 28

A spatio-temporal mathematical model for the dynamics of paclitaxel in cell monolayers. 28

Enhanced information processing at revisited fixation locations 28 7 2

Genome Diversity in Ukraine 28

Effect of Testosterone on Antler Growth in Male Sambar Deer (Rusaunicolor unicolor) in Horton Plains National Park, Sri Lanka 28

On the role of Nav1.7 sodium channels in chronic pain: an experimental and computational study 28

An All-to-All Approach to the Identification of Sequence-Specific Readers for Epigenetic DNA Modifications on Cytosine 28 7

Expression and purification of African Swine Fever virus p72 trimers as subunit vaccine candidate 28

Detecting potential reference list manipulation within a citation network 47 15

On the automatic annotation of gene functions using observational data and phylogenetic trees 162 13 4

Early data on the performance of a combined SARS-CoV-2 spike-nucleocapsid antibody lateral flow device compared to a nucleocapsid-only device 28 1

BioLitMine: advanced mining of biomedical and biological literature about human genes and genes from major model organisms 62 4

LncRNA Gm12664 up-regulates CAV1 expression to promote hepatocellular lipid accumulation by sponging miR-295-5p 28

Transparency and open science reporting guidelines in sleep research and chronobiology journals 47 15

Intra-exon motif correlations as a proxy measure for mean per-tile sequence quality data in RNA-Seq 175 4

The severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) envelope (E) protein harbors a conserved BH3-like sequence 28 1

The SARS-CoV-2 receptor ACE2 expression of maternal-fetal interface and fetalorgans by single cell transcriptome study 28 1

LDpred2: better, faster, stronger 145 19 4

A chaotic viewpoint-based approach to solve haplotype assembly using hypergraph model 4

The representation of women as authors of submissions to ecology journals during the COVID-19 pandemic 47 7 5

Object representations in the human brain reflect the co-occurrence statistics of vision and language 100 23 2

Insight into the workforce advancing fields of science and technology 47 7

Improving the sensitivity of cluster-based statistics for fMRI data 123 4

Mycobacteria inhibit neutrophil recruitment to avoid neutrophil-assisted killing by macrophages 28

A Mathematical Model of Exploration and Exploitation in Natural Scene Viewing 38 4 2

WorldFlora: An R package for exact and fuzzy matching of plant names against the World Flora Online Taxonomic Backbone data 4

Enhanced skin permeation of a novel peptide via structural modification, chemical enhancement, and microneedles 115 85

GxEsum: genotype-by-environment interaction model based on summary statistics 19 4

Genetic algorithms and evolutionary landscapes 21 4

UMI-VarCal: a new UMI-based variant caller that efficiently improves low-frequency variant detection in paired-end sequencing NGS libraries 28 4

A faster implementation of association mapping from k-mers 140 25 4

Playing P300-based BCI VR game leads to changes in cognitive functions in healthy adults 113 2

LuxUS: DNA methylation analysis using generalized linear mixed model with spatial correlation 13 4

Maternally administered naltrexone and its major active metabolite 6β-naltrexol transport across the placental barrier in vitro 85

Experimental evolution of virulence and associated traits in a Drosophila melanogaster - Wolbachia symbiosis 132 21 5

Outcomes of the 2019 EMDataResource model challenge: validation of cryo-EM models at near-atomic resolution 111 59 4

Open source software tool for the automated detection and characterization of epithelial cells from trace biological samples 18 4

The extent and drivers of gender imbalance in neuroscience reference lists 47 5

C-Eci: A Cubic-Eci Combined Clearing Method For 3D Follicular Content Analysis In The Fish Ovary 18 4

Adaptive evolution of nontransitive fitness in yeast 21 5

Shape-to-graph Mapping Method for Efficient Characterization and Classification of Complex Geometries in Biological Images 26 4

Only two out of five articles by New Zealand researchers are free-to-access: a multiple API study of access, its impact on open citation advantage, cost of Article Processing Charges (APC), and the potential to increase the proportion of open access 47 15 4

Programming cell growth into different cluster shapes using diffusible signals 38 18

What we talk about when we talk about color 30 5 2

The impact of preprint servers in the formation of novel ideas 47 15

A hybrid additive manufacturing platform to create bulk and surface composition gradients on scaffolds for tissue regeneration 85 18 7

International authorship and collaboration across bioRxiv preprints 47

Analysis in the frequency domain of multicomponent oscillatory modes of the human electroencephalogram extracted with multivariate empirical mode decomposition. 42 15 2

Shifts in evolutionary balance of microbial phenotypes under environmental changes 99 38 17 5

Crowdsourcing digital health measures to predict Parkinson's disease severity: the Parkinson's Disease Digital Biomarker DREAM Challenge 4

DNN-Assisted Statistical Analysis of a Model of Local Cortical Circuits 38 26 4 2

An improved 3DMax algorithm to reconstruct the three-dimensional structure of the chromosome 184 4

Examining gender imbalance in chemistry authorship 47 15 4

An Overview of the Application of Deep Learning in Short Read Sequence Classification 26 4

A novel single-cell based method for breast cancer prognosis 43 26 4

Why is cyclic dominance so rare? 21 5

Inflated citations and metrics of journals discontinued from Scopus for publication concerns: the GhoS(t)copus Project 47 15

How does it feel to be on psilocybin? Dose-response relationships of subjective experiences in humans. 15 4

The ABCD Stop Signal Data: Response to Bissett et al. 4

KinPred: A unified approach and resource for human kinase-substrate predictions 112 4

Dynamic Behavior of Coupled Neuron System from a Game-Theoretic Standpoint 38 2

RamaNet: Computational De Novo Helical Protein Backbone Design using a Long Short-Term Memory Generative Neural Network 105 26 4

Estimation of cellularity in tumours treated with Neoadjuvant therapy: A comparison of Machine Learning algorithms 131 26 4

2D or Not 2D? An FMRI Study of How Dogs Visually Process Objects 100 23 2

Heuristic Spike Sorting Tuner (HSST), a framework to determine optimal parameter selection for a generic spike sorting algorithm 123 4 2

Quantifying the dynamics of long-range cell-cell mechanical communication 18

Prediction of the receptorome for the human-infecting virome 41

Evolutionary Stalling and a Limit on the Power of Natural Selection to Improve a Cellular Module 21 5

Information Content of Trees: Three-taxon Statements Inference Rules and Dependency 83 40 4

Mineralized collagen scaffolds fabricated with amniotic membrane matrix increase osteogenesis under inflammatory conditions 85 57 10 3

Gender (im)balance in citation practices in cognitive neuroscience 47 15

Correlation Coefficient Based Automatic Optic Disc Detection From Retinal Images 7 4

The psychophysics of visual search with heterogeneous distractors 23 2

Insights into The Codon Usage Bias of 13 Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) Isolates from Different Geo-locations 103 37 1

Distinct Cellular Strategies Determine Sensitivity to Mild Drought of Arabidopsis Natural Accessions 16 5 3

Metabolic pathway inference using multi-label classification with rich pathway features 26 4

Rigidity, normal modes and flexible motion of a SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) protease structure. 44 1

Improving the coverage of credible sets in Bayesian genetic fine-mapping 19 4

The Costs and Benefits of a Modified Biomedical Science Workforce 47 15

Influence of Supraphysiologic Biomaterial Stiffness on Ventricular Mechanics and Myocardial Infarct Reinforcement 85 18

Whole genome analysis of four Bangladeshi individuals 97 9 4