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A deep learning approach for tissue spatial quantification and genomic correlations of histopathological images 131 26 9 4

Image-based patch selection for deep learning to improve automated Gleason grading in histopathological slides 131 26 4

A Deep Learning Approach for Rapid Mutational Screening in Melanoma 131 26 4

Deep learning-based cross-classifications reveal conserved spatial behaviors within tumor histological images 131 26 4

Deep learning approach for automated cancer detection and tumor proportion score estimation of PD-L1 expression in lung adenocarcinoma 131 7 4

Predicting Endometrial Cancer Subtypes and Molecular Features from Histopathology Images Using Multi-resolution Deep Learning Models 131 26 4

Predicting molecular subtypes of breast cancer using pathological images by deep convolutional neural network from public dataset 131 26 4

Dense, high-resolution mapping of cells and tissues from pathology images for the interpretable prediction of molecular phenotypes in cancer 131 26 4

Accurate recognition of colorectal cancer with semi-supervised deep learning on pathological images 131 26 4

Accurate Diagnosis of Colorectal Cancer Based on Histopathology Images Using Artificial Intelligence 131 26 4


Predicting and Visualizing STK11 Mutation in Lung Adenocarcinoma Histopathology Slides Using Deep Learning 131 26 14 4

A Novel Fully Automated MRI-Based Deep Learning Method For Classification Of 1p/19q Co-Deletion Status In Brain Gliomas 131 59 26 4

Spatial Transcriptomics Inferred from Pathology Whole-Slide Images Links Tumor Heterogeneity to Survival in Breast and Lung Cancer 131 26 4

Deep Learning for Alzheimer's Disease: Mapping Large-scale Histological Tau Protein for Neuroimaging Biomarker Validation 131 26 4 2

COVID-19 Detection on Chest X-Ray and CT Scan Images Using Multi-image Augmented Deep Learning Model 131 35 26 4

Synthesis of diagnostic quality cancer pathology images 131 26 4

Preliminary Evaluation of the Utility of Deep Generative Histopathology Image Translation at a Mid-Sized NCI Cancer Center 131 26 4

Topological Feature Extraction and Visualization of Whole Slide Images using Graph Neural Networks 131 26 4

Deep transfer learning approach to predict tumor mutation burden (TMB) and delineate spatial heterogeneity of TMB within tumors from whole slide images 131 105 26 13 4

Fully Automated Detection of Paramagnetic Rims in Multiple Sclerosis Lesions on 3T Susceptibility-Based MR Imaging 131 59 26 15 4

Pan-cancer computational histopathology reveals mutations, tumor composition and prognosis 131 26 4

A simple model for glioma grading based on texture analysis applied to conventional brain MRI 131 59 26 15 4

Aggregation of Cohorts for Histopathological Diagnosis with Deep Morphological Analysis 26 4

A transferrable and interpretable multiple instance learning model for microsatellite instability prediction based on histopathology images 131 26 4

Automatic Traits Extraction and Fitting for Field High-throughput Phenotyping Systems 131 26 4

Clinically applicable histopathological diagnosis system for gastric cancer detection using deep learning 131 7 4

A convolutional neural network for common coordinate registration of high-resolution histology images 26 4

Deep Texture Representations as a Universal Encoder for Pan-cancer Histology 131 26 4

Automatic late blight lesion recognition and severity quantification based on field imagery of diverse potato genotypes by deep learning 131 26 4

A light trap and computer vision system to detect and classify live moths (Lepidoptera) using tracking and deep learning 131 26 4

Morphologic Classification and Automatic Diagnosis of Bacterial Vaginosisby Deep Neural Networks 131 26 15 4

Predicting tumour mutational burden from histopathological images using multiscale deep learning 131 26 4

Identification of immunological features enables survival prediction of muscle-invasive bladder cancer patients using machine learning 131 26 4

Brain Tumor IDH, 1p/19q, and MGMT Molecular Classification Using MRI-based Deep Learning: Effect of Motion and Motion Correction 131 26 4

A Deep Learning Framework for Predicting Human Essential Genes by Integrating Sequence and Functional data 105 26 4

Convolutional Neural Networks for ClassifyingMelanoma Images 131 26 4

Location Invariant Animal Recognition UsingMixed Source Datasets and Deep Learning 131 26 4

Towards More Reliable Unsupervised Tissue Segmentation Via Integrating Mass Spectrometry Imaging and Hematoxylin-Erosin Stained Histopathological Image 131 26 4

Semantic Segmentation of HeLa Cells: An Objective Comparison between one Traditional Algorithm and Three Deep-Learning Architectures 131 26 18 4

High-throughput phenotyping analysis of maize at the seedling stage using end-to-end segmentation network 131 59 4

Automated detection of glaucoma with interpretable machine learning using clinical data and multi-modal retinal images 131 26 4

HistoFlow: Label-Efficient and Interactive Deep Learning Cell Analysis 26 4

Automatic Three-Dimensional Reconstruction of Fascicles in Peripheral Nerves from Histological Images 131 59 26 4

Estimation of cellularity in tumours treated with Neoadjuvant therapy: A comparison of Machine Learning algorithms 131 26 4

Using very high-resolution satellite imagery and deep learning to detect and count African elephants in heterogeneous landscapes 131 26 4

In situ classification of cell types in human kidney tissue using 3D nuclear staining 26 4

Segmentation boosting with compensation methods in optical coherence tomography angiography images 131 59 26 18 4

Size and mass prediction of almond kernels using machine learning image processing 131 26 4

A deep learning approach for staging embryonic tissue isolates with small data 26 4

PathFlow-MixMatch for Whole Slide Image Registration: An Investigation of a Segment-Based Scalable Image Registration Method 131 59 4

A Large-Scale Internal Validation Study of Unsupervised Virtual Trichrome Staining Technologies on Non-alcoholic Steatohepatitis Liver Biopsies 131 15

GAN-based anomaly detection in multi-modal MRI images 131 26 4

RootNet: A Convolutional Neural Networks for Complex Plant Root Phenotyping from High-Definition Datasets 26 4

Red blood cell classification using image processingand CNN 131 26 4

Imputing missing RNA-seq data from DNA methylation by using transfer learning based-deep neural network 105 26 4

Deep Feature Extraction for Resting-State Functional MRI by Self-Supervised Learning and Application to Schizophrenia Diagnosis 26 22 2

Deep Learning Based Segmentation of Brain Tissue from Diffusion MRI 59 26 4 2

ACDC: Automated Cell Detection and Counting for Time-lapse Fluorescence Microscopy 131 26 4

Skin Lesions Classification Using Deep Learning Based on Dilated Convolution 131 26 4

Deep learning-based adaptive detection of fetal nucleated red blood cells 131 26 4

Precise automatic classification of 46 different pollen types with convolutional neural networks 131 26 4

Towards CNN Representations for Small Mass Spectrometry Data Classification: From Transfer Learning to Cumulative Learning 26 4

Identifying Genomic Islands with Deep Neural Networks 26 4

Diffusion Histology Imaging Combining Diffusion Basis Spectrum Imaging (DBSI) and Machine Learning Improves Detection and Classification of Glioblastoma Pathology 131 59 26 14 4

Morphological estimation of Cellularity on Neo-adjuvant treated breast cancer histological images 131 59 15 4

Deep learning-based molecular morphometrics for kidney biopsies 131 26 18

Automated Classification of Bacterial Cell Sub-Populations with Convolutional Neural Networks. 26 4

Interpretable multimodal deep learning for real-time pan-tissue pan-disease pathology search on social media 131 26 4

DeepHE: Accurately Predicting Human Essential Genes based on Deep Learning 105 26 13 4

Fully unsupervised deep mode of action learning for phenotyping high-content cellular images 26 4

A Brain Imaging-Based Deep Learning Classifier for Sex and Alzheimer's Disease 26 22 4 2

Automated identification of multinucleated germ cells with U-Net 131 26 4

Non-Invasive Single-Cell Morphometry in Living Bacterial Biofilms 26 18 4

Interfruit : Deep Learning Network for Classifying Fruit Images 26 4

AIDeveloper: deep learning image classification in life science and beyond 176 26 4

Automated Deep Learning-based Multi-class Fluid Segmentation in Swept-Source Optical Coherence Tomography Images 131 26 4

Channel Embedding for Informative Protein Identification from Highly Multiplexed Images 26 4

Annotating Gene Ontology terms for protein sequences with the Transformer model 105 26 4

An Ensemble Learning Approach for Cancer Drug Prediction 112 26 4

Estimation of Three-Dimensional Chromatin Morphology for Nuclear Classification and Characterisation 26 4

A novel method for classification of tabular data using convolutional neural networks 26 4

Single-axon level automatic segmentation and feature extraction from immuhistochemical images of peripheral nerves 131 59 26 4

EM-net: Deep learning for electron microscopy image segmentation 26 4

Cell segmentation using deep learning: comparing label and label-free approaches using hyper-labeled image stacks 26 18 4

A transfer-learning approach for first-year developmental infant brain segmentation using deep neural networks 26 22 2

Related Topics of a Novel TCR-based Cancer Detection Approach 26 4

Improving the accessibility and transferability of machine learning algorithms for identification of animals in camera trap images: MLWIC2 26 4

An AI-powered blood test to detect cancer using nanoDSF 131 26 4

Transferability of Brain decoding using GraphConvolutional Networks 100 26 22 2

Pixel-based machine learning and image reconstitution for dot-ELISA pathogen serodiagnosis 131 26 4

Improved Prediction of Smoking Status via Isoform-Aware RNA-seq Deep Learning Models 26 4

Functional assessments of PTEN variants using machine-assisted phenotype scoring 26 4

Genome-wide investigation of gene-cancer associations for the prediction of novel therapeutic targets in oncology 112 26 4

A deep learning framework for characterization of genotype data 26 4

VISTA: Virtual ImmunoSTAining for pancreatic disease quantification in murine cohorts 131 26 4

Wide and Deep Learning for Automatic Cell Type Identification 26 4

AnnotatorJ: an ImageJ plugin to ease hand-annotation of cellular compartments 26 4

Classification and Generation of MicroscopyImages with Plasmodium Falciparum via ArtificialNeural Networks 26 4

Quantitative comparison of Drosophila behavior annotations by human observers and a machine learning algorithm 26 7 4 2