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From SARS-CoV to Wuhan 2019-nCoV Outbreak: Similarity of Early Epidemic and Prediction of Future Trends 28 1

METTL3 inhibitors for epitranscriptomic modulation of cellular processes 28

An All-to-All Approach to the Identification of Sequence-Specific Readers for Epigenetic DNA Modifications on Cytosine 28 7

Early data on the performance of a combined SARS-CoV-2 spike-nucleocapsid antibody lateral flow device compared to a nucleocapsid-only device 28 1

Genome Diversity in Ukraine 28

Transcriptome Comparison of organ of Corti in mice, chick and zebrafish 28 7

ROS function as a distinct mitochondrial retrograde response factor for appropriate cardiogenic specifications and cardiac function in Drosophila embryos 28

The severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) envelope (E) protein harbors a conserved BH3-like sequence 28 1

On the role of Nav1.7 sodium channels in chronic pain: an experimental and computational study 28

Transcriptome analysis reveals salinity responses in four Tartary buckwheat cultivars 28

Antagonistic Co-contraction Can Minimise Muscular Effort in Systems with Uncertainty 28

Sampling strategies for modelling above ground biomass using optimal imagery and LiDAR metrics 28

A spatio-temporal mathematical model for the dynamics of paclitaxel in cell monolayers. 28

Mycobacteria inhibit neutrophil recruitment to avoid neutrophil-assisted killing by macrophages 28

Expression and purification of African Swine Fever virus p72 trimers as subunit vaccine candidate 28

Enhanced information processing at revisited fixation locations 28 7 2

Effect of Exogenous Amino Acids on Yield and Quality of Tartary Buckwheat in Non-saline and Saline-alkali Soil 28

Pseudo-Location: A novel predictor for predicting pseudo-temporal gene expression patterns using spatial functional regression 28 4

LncRNA Gm12664 up-regulates CAV1 expression to promote hepatocellular lipid accumulation by sponging miR-295-5p 28

UMI-VarCal: a new UMI-based variant caller that efficiently improves low-frequency variant detection in paired-end sequencing NGS libraries 28 4

An innovative approach for HLA typing, molecular tumor testing and the validation of tumor exclusive antigens 28 7

Effect of Testosterone on Antler Growth in Male Sambar Deer (Rusaunicolor unicolor) in Horton Plains National Park, Sri Lanka 28

Efficient Method for Genomic DNA Mutagenesis in E. coli 92 28

An Efficient Method for Protein Crystallization 92 28

A simple and efficient method for in vitro site-directed mutagenesis 92 28 18

A restriction-free method for gene reconstitution 92 28

Rice Tolerance to Drought is Complex Both Physiologically and Genetically 92 28 16

The SARS-CoV-2 receptor ACE2 expression of maternal-fetal interface and fetalorgans by single cell transcriptome study 28 1

ITS2 Pretrial Gene Identification Related to Seed and Flower Identification for Cyclea barbata 92 28 16

Learning receptive field properties of complex cells in V1 28

High-Spatial-Resolution Multi-Omics Atlas Sequencing of Mouse Embryos via Deterministic Barcoding in Tissue 28

Evaluation of origin of driving force for loop formation in a chromatin fiber 28

Large-scale dissection suggests that ultraconserved elements are dispensable for mouse embryonic stem cell survival and fitness 28

NOSA, an analytical toolbox for multicellular optical electrophysiology 135 59 18 2

The importance of orangutans in small fragments for maintaining metapopulation dynamics 84 17 5

Intuitive, reproducible high-throughput molecular dynamics in Galaxy: a tutorial 7 4

Confound modelling in UK Biobank brain imaging 123 59 19 4 2

Detecting potential reference list manipulation within a citation network 47 15

A Guide to the Quantitative Proteomic Profiles of the Cancer Cell Line Encyclopedia 45 4

Inflated citations and metrics of journals discontinued from Scopus for publication concerns: the GhoS(t)copus Project 47 15

Using B cell receptor lineage structures to predict affinity 162 13 4

The representation of women as authors of submissions to ecology journals during the COVID-19 pandemic 47 7 5

The recent report by Liu and Zhang Claiming "No support for the adaptive hypothesis of lagging-strand encoding in bacterial genomes" is factually incorrect

Favipiravir-resistant influenza A virus shows potential for transmission 41 12

Filtering Variables for Supervised Sparse Network Analysis 13 4

A study's got to know its limitations 47 7 4

Categorical judgments do not modify sensory information in working memory 7 2

Somatic selection of poorly differentiating variant stem cell clones could be a key to human ageing 57 20

Recording from the same neuron with high-density CMOS probes and patch-clamp: a ground-truth dataset and an experiment in collaboration. 62 59 4 2

Noise Invariance in Inferior Colliculus Neurons is Dependant on the Input Noisy Conditions 23 2

Genomic analysis of early SARS-CoV-2 strains introduced in Mexico 37 1

Power analysis of transcriptome-wide association study: implications for practical protocol choice 145 123 19 4

Friendly-rivalry solution to the iterated n-person public-goods game 5

From amazing work to I beg to differ - analysis of bioRxiv preprints that received one public comment till September 2019 47 15

Intra-exon motif correlations as a proxy measure for mean per-tile sequence quality data in RNA-Seq 175 4

ReCodLiver0.9: Overcoming challenges in genome-scale metabolic reconstruction of a non-model species 7 4

Modeling the Impact of Lock-down on COVID-19 Spread in Malaysia 37 15

A Highly Immunogenic Measles Virus-based Th1-biased COVID-19 Vaccine 24 1

Cell size regulation in budding yeast does not depend on linear accumulation of Whi5 127 38

ViralMSA: Massively scalable reference-guided multiple sequence alignment of viral genomes 13 7 4

Maize brace roots provide stalk anchorage 106 53 16 5

Transmission delays and frequency detuning can regulate information flow between brain regions 38 2

Synergies analysis produces consistent results between motion analysis laboratories 96 59 4

Mutational load and the functional fraction of the human genome 21 5 4

Simulating bout-and-pause patterns with reinforcement learning 7 2

Hybridized distance- and contact-based hierarchical structure modeling for folding soluble and membrane proteins 184 105 13 4

Classic articles in Apoptotic Research: A Bibliometric Analysis 47 15

Gene size matters: What determines gene length in the human genome? 9

Adhesive Contact Between Cylindrical (Ebola) and Spherical (SARS-CoV-2) Viral Particles and a Cell Membrane 7

Theory of Visual Attention (TVA) in Action: Assessing Premotor Attention in Simultaneous Eye-Hand Movements 23 2

Predicting Tumor Response to Drugs based on Gene-Expression Biomarkers of Sensitivity Learned from Cancer Cell Lines 7 4

Eye movements in real-life search are guided by task-irrelevant working-memory content 23 2

A consensus-based ensemble approach to improve de novo transcriptome assembly 25 4

Topographic organization of feedback projections to mouse primary visual cortex 50 2

A 3D Structural Interactome to Explore the Impact of Evolutionary Divergence, Population Variation, and Small-molecule Drugs on SARS-CoV-2-Human Protein-Protein Interactions 1

BioLitMine: advanced mining of biomedical and biological literature about human genes and genes from major model organisms 62 4

Knowledge syntheses in medical education: A bibliometric analysis 47 7 5

Assessment of whether published non-Cochrane systematic reviews of nursing follow the review protocols registered in the International Prospective Register of Systematic Reviews (PROSPERO): A comparative study 47 15 5

In Silico Identification Of Novel PRFA Inhibitors To Fight Listeriosis: A Virtual Screening And Molecular Dynamics Studies 52 12

The ABCD Stop Signal Data: Response to Bissett et al. 4

A causal study of bumetanide on a marker of excitatory-inhibitory balance in the human brain 2

Peer review and preprint policies are unclear at most major journals 47 7

Measuring the quality of scientific references in Wikipedia: an analysis of more than 115M citations to over 800,000 scientific articles 47 4

Diversity and composition of gut microbiome of cervical cancer patients by 16S rRNA and whole-metagenome sequencing 29 15 12 4

A systematic examination of preprint platforms for use in the medical and biomedical sciences setting 47 15 4

Biocomputational Analysis Establishes Genetic Association of Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) and Migraine 40 4

Improving the coverage of credible sets in Bayesian genetic fine-mapping 19 4

Metagenomics workflow for hybrid assembly, differential coverage binning, transcriptomics and pathway analysis (MUFFIN) 25 4

CoRE-ATAC: A deep learning model for the functional classification of regulatory elements from single cell and bulk ATAC-seq data 31 7 4

ACE2 and TMPRSS2 are expressed on the human ocular surface, suggesting susceptibility to SARS-CoV-2 infection 36 7 1

International authorship and collaboration across bioRxiv preprints 47

Improved detection of tumor suppressor events in single-cell RNA-Seq data 7 4

Stability of SARS-CoV-2 Phylogenies 37 4

Robust normalization and transformation techniques for constructing gene coexpression networks from RNA-seq data 43 4

One is not enough: on the effects of reference genome for the mapping and subsequent analyses of short-reads 25 5 4

The Gene Expression Deconvolution Interactive Tool (GEDIT): Accurate Cell Type Quantification from Gene Expression Data 13 4

HippoUnit: A software tool for the automated testing and systematic comparison of detailed models of hippocampal neurons based on electrophysiological data 62 4 2

Ape cultures do not require behaviour copying 7 5

A Hessian-based decomposition characterizes how performance in complex motor skills depends on individual strategy and variability 123 23 2

Reconstructing tumor evolutionary histories and clone trees in polynomial-time with SubMARine 162 13 4