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genetically fluorescent fluorescence encoded imaging indicators sensor vivo calcium biosensor voltage green fluorophore monitoring biosensors sensitive neuroscience red probe resolution gevi report indicator probes signal neuronal emission spatiotemporal gevis gecis neurons grab detection developed photon mice kinetics fret high mouse geci dye lifetime sensors brain ratiometric based microscopy expressing optical physiological proteins brightness detect electrical live phototoxicity flim monoamine gcamp6s dynamics enables intravital signaling fps potentials fused utility release light changes fp simultaneously synthetic gpcr slices ca2 activity variety ratio arclight new affinity specificity excitation activities channelrhodopsin record fold fast guided luminescent flies visualize pathological spiking fluorophores membrane tool delta

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P2X-GCaMPs as versatile tools for imaging extracellular ATP signaling 135 18 11

Two-photon voltage imaging of spontaneous activity from multiple neurons reveals network activity in brain tissue 135 50 11 2

Improved genetically encoded near-infrared fluorescent calcium ion indicators for in vivo imaging 135 18

New and improved GRAB fluorescent sensors for monitoring dopaminergic activity in vivo 135 11

An Autonomous Molecular Bioluminescent Reporter (AMBER) for voltage imaging in freely moving animals 135 18

Relationship between simultaneously recorded spiking activity and fluorescence signal in GCaMP6 transgenic mice 135 50 11 2

A genetically encoded red fluorescence dopamine biosensor enables dual imaging of dopamine and norepinephrine 135 18

Different categories of fluorescent proteins result in GEVIs with similar characteristics 135

Voltage imaging using transgenic mouse lines expressing the GEVI ArcLight in two olfactory cell types 135 11 2

Genetically-encoded fluorescent biosensor for rapid detection of protein expression 135 18 8

PIE-FLIM measurements of two different FRET-based biosensor activities in the same living cells 135 18 8

A fluorescent sensor for spatiotemporally resolved endocannabinoid dynamics in vitro and in vivo 135 11

Three-photon imaging of synthetic dyes in deep layers of the neocortex 135 70 50 18 11 2

A Genetically Encoded Fluorescent Sensor Enables Real-time Detection of the Intracellular GTP:GDP Ratio 135 18 8

A genetically encoded GRAB sensor for measuring serotonin dynamics in vivo 135 11

Improving the flexibility of Genetically Encoded Voltage Indicators via intermolecular FRET 135 8

A Fast High-Affinity Fluorescent Serotonin Biosensor Engineered from a Tick Lipocalin 135 18 8

A fast genetically encoded fluorescent sensor for faithful in vivo acetylcholine detection in mice, fish, worms and flies 135 18

A red fluorescent protein with improved monomericity enables ratiometric voltage imaging with ASAP3 135 18 8

POLArIS, a versatile probe for molecular orientation, revealed actin filaments associated with microtubule asters in early embryos 135 18 8

Multiplexable fluorescence lifetime imaging (FLIM) probes for Abl and Src-family kinases 135 102 18 8

Subcellular resolution 3D light field imaging with genetically encoded voltage indicators 70 18 11 2

NOSA, an analytical toolbox for multicellular optical electrophysiology 135 59 18 2

A bright and high-performance genetically encoded Ca2+ indicator based on mNeonGreen fluorescent protein 135 18

Design of a biosensor for direct visualisation of auxin 135 18 16 8

Extracellular Ca2+-sensitive fluorescent protein biosensor based on a collagen-binding domain 135 18 8

A GRAB sensor reveals activity-dependent non-vesicular somatodendritic adenosine release 135 11 3

Using SNAP-tag for facile construction of dye-based biosensors in living cells 135 18 8

The Photoconvertible Fluorescent Probe, CaMPARI, Labels Active Neurons in Freely-Moving Intact Adult Fruit Flies 135 18

Bright and tunable far-red chemigenetic indicators 135 18 8

Detection of cerebral tauopathy in P301L mice using high-resolution large-field multifocal illumination fluorescence microscopy 135 70 18

Miniaturized head-mounted device for whole cortex mesoscale imaging in freely behaving mice 135 50 2

Proton wires mediate the optical signal for ArcLight-type Genetically Encoded Voltage Indicators 135 8

High performance intensiometric direct- and inverse-response genetically encoded biosensors for citrate 135 63 8

Genetically targeted reporter imaging of deep neuronal network in the mammalian brain 135 18 11

High fidelity estimates of spikes and subthreshold waveforms from 1-photon voltage imaging in vivo 135 18 2

A High-Performance Genetically Encoded Fluorescent Biosensor for Imaging Physiological Peroxynitrite 135 129 18 3

Substitutional landscape of a split fluorescent protein fragment 135 129 18 8

Label-free optical detection of bioelectric potentials using electrochromic thin films 135 18 2

Intravital quantification of absolute cytoplasmic B cell calcium reveals dynamic signaling across B cell differentiation stages 135 18 3

A general strategy to red-shift green fluorescent protein based biosensors 135 18

Highly responsive single-fluorophoreindicator to explore lactate dynamics in high calcium environments 135 69 18 8 3

Conserved amino acids residing outside the voltage field can shift the voltage sensitivity and increase the signal size of Ciona based GEVIs 135 82 63

A Self-Immobilizing NIR Probe for Non-invasive Imaging of Senescence 135 18 10

Rational design of novel fluorescent enzyme biosensors for direct detection of strigolactones 135 18

Optical measurement of voltage sensing by endogenous ion channel 82 70 18 8

BiPOLES: a tool for bidirectional dual-color optogenetic control of neurons 135 11

Transcranial in vivo detection of Aβ at single plaque resolution with large-field multifocal illumination fluorescence microscopy 135 70 32 18 10

In vivo contactless brain stimulation via non-invasive and targeted delivery of magnetoelectric nanoparticles 135 80 11 2

Optical measurement of physiological sodium currents in the axon initial segment 82 11 2

Fluorescence Labeling of Circulating Tumor Cells with Folate Receptor Targeted Molecular Probes for Diffuse In Vivo Flow Cytometry 135 18 10

Orthogonal fluorescent chemogenetic reporters for multicolor imaging 18 8

Responsive fluorophore aggregation provides spectral contrast for fluorescence lifetime imaging 135 18 8

Versatile live-cell activity analysis platform for characterization of neuronal dynamics at single-cell and network level 70 18 4

Head-mounted microendoscopic calcium imaging in dorsal premotor cortex of behaving rhesus macaque 50 2

EZcalcium: Open Source Toolbox for Analysis of Calcium Imaging Data 62 59 4 2

pMAT: An Open-Source Software Suite for the Analysis of Fiber Photometry Calcium Imaging 62 59 18 4

Multivariate 'AND-gate' substrate probes as enhanced contrast agents for fluorescence-guided surgery 18 14

Optical spike detection and connectivity analysis with a far-red voltage-sensitive fluorophore reveals changes to network connectivity in development and disease 195 70 18 11 2

An α-cyanostilbene derivative for the enhanced detection and imaging of amyloid fibril aggregates 7

Monitoring phagocytic uptake of amyloid β into glial cell lysosomes in real time 32 10

Reconciling functional differences in populations of neurons recorded with two-photon imaging and electrophysiology 50 2

Visualising G-quadruplex DNA dynamics in live cells by fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy 18 8

Inferring Neural Population Spiking Rate from Wide-Field Calcium Imaging 59 2

Optogenetic activation of muscle contraction in vivo 135 18 10

Signal-to-signal Neural Networks for Improved Spike Estimation from Calcium Imaging Data 26 4 2

A Noninvasive Approach to Optogenetics Using Focused Ultrasound Blood Brain Barrier Disruption for the Delivery of Radioluminescent Particles 135 18

Development of a genetically-encoded oxytocin sensor 71 11 2

A computationally designed fluorescent biosensor for D-serine 8

In vivo fluorescence lifetime imaging captures metabolic changes in macrophages during wound responses in zebrafish 27 18 10 3

LIVE-PAINT: Super-Resolution Microscopy Inside Live Cells Using Reversible Peptide-Protein Interactions 7 4

Fluorescence Microscopy Datasets for Training Deep Neural Networks 26 4

Detecting nanoscale distribution of protein pairs by proximity dependent super-resolution microscopy 70 18 8 4

Quantitative analysis of transporter activity biosensors 8

BrainPhys neuronal medium optimized for imaging and optogenetics in vitro 18 11

Highly sensitive in situ proteomics with cleavable fluorescent tyramide reveals human neuronal heterogeneity 175 18 4

Miniaturized Devices for Bioluminescence Imaging in Freely Behaving Animals 195 70 18

Sonogenetics for noninvasive and cellular-level neuromodulation in rodent brain 11 2

Optoacoustic flow-cytometry with light scattering referencing 18 8 4

Red-light imaging for programmed cell death visualization and quantification in plant-pathogen interactions 18 4

Single-color Fluorescence Lifetime Cross-Correlation Spectroscopy in vivo 18 4

Multiplexed whole animal imaging with reversibly switchable optoacoustic proteins 135 18

Molecular diversity of glutamatergic and GABAergic synapses from multiplexed fluorescence imaging 77 11 2

Oxygen-independent chemogenetic protein tags for live-cell fluorescence microscopy 18 8

Visualizing ATP Dynamics in Live Mice 7

A sort-seq approach to the development of single fluorescent protein biosensors 4

TipQAD: an automated tool for quantifying apical fluorescence dynamics in tip-growing cells 18 8

CAS-LiveFISH: Simple and versatile imaging of genomic loci in live mammalian cells and early pre-implantation embryos 33 18 8

Comparing volumetric reconstruction algorithms for light field imaging of high signal-to-noise ratio neuronal calcium transients 70 18

Distinct patterns of activity in individual cortical neurons and local networks in primary somatosensory cortex of mice evoked by mechanical limb stimulation 50 2

Visualizing synaptic plasticity in vivo by large-scale imaging of endogenous AMPA receptors 77 11 2

Creating Red Light-Controlled Protein Dimerization Systems as Genetically Encoded Actuators with High Specificity 18

N-Aryl Pyrido Cyanine derivatives: nuclear and organelle DNA markers for two-photon and super-resolution imaging 70 18 8

A probabilistic framework for decoding behavior from in vivo calcium imaging data 2

Rational Design of a Protein Kinase A Nuclear-cytosol Translocation Reporter 102 8 3

Clear optically matched panoramic access channel technique (COMPACT) for large-volume deep brain imaging 70 18 11 2

High throughput instrument to screen fluorescent proteins under two-photon excitation 18 4

Determining the Depth Limit of Bioluminescent Sources in Scattering Media 70 18

Fast scanning high optical invariant two-photon microscopy for monitoring a large neural network activity with cellular resolution 70 18 2

Targeted millisecond-scale activation of cells using non-invasive Sonogenetics 11 2