weitrix 1.5.1

  • weitrix_sd_confects now has an option to drop the assumption of normally distributed weighted residuals.

weitrix 1.1.10

  • Fix bug with weitrix_confects due to [[ ]] <- NULL deleting elements from a list instead of storing NULL in the list.

weitrix 1.1.9

  • Peaks were sometimes in reverse order in APA example, data file updated.
  • Try to get rid of an odd new build error about stack usage by using serial processing in vignettes.

weitrix 1.1.8

  • Use geom_bin2d in weitrix_calplot scatterplots.

weitrix 1.1.7

  • Add mu_min, mu_max arguments to weitrix_calibrate_all.

weitrix 1.1.6

  • Use glm2, which is less prone to optimization failure.
  • Auto-disable parallel processing if X11 device is open.
  • Add SLAM-Seq vignette.

weitrix 1.1.5

  • well_knotted_spline for natural splines with good choice of knots.

weitrix 1.1.4

  • weitrix_confects for differential testing.
  • weitrix_rms_confects now called weitrix_sd_confects.
  • weitrix_calplot now shows mean trend and mean +/- standard deviation trend.

weitrix 1.1.3

  • weitrix_calibrate_all now includes a simple scaling factor to account for residuals from a fitted model being smaller than residuals from the true model.
  • weitrix_calplot blue guidelines are similarly adjusted.
  • Add weitrix_rms_confects to find rows with confidently excessive variation.

weitrix 1.1.2

  • Vignettes use weitrix_calibrate_all, demonstrate weitrix_calplot.
  • weitrix_calplot now uses sqrt(weight)*residual on y axis.

weitrix 1.1.1

  • Switch calibration from linear model on log dispersions to using a gamma GLM.
  • Add weitrix_calibrate_all function for very flexible calibration.
  • Add weitrix_calplot to examine quality of weights.

weitrix 0.99.2

  • Automatic package builder wants package to depend on R version 4.0.

weitrix 0.99.1

  • weitrix now uses the BiocParallel default parallel processing, rather than the DelayedArray default. (DelayedArray does not use parallel processing by default as of version 0.14.0.)

weitrix 0.99.0

  • Bioconductor submission.

weitrix 0.1.0

  • Initial version.