Topic 6

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Improved stability of an engineered function using adapted bacterial strains 6

Untargeted LC-MS metabolomics for the analysis of micro-scaled extracellular metabolites from hepatocytes 6

Comprehensive Transcriptomic Analysis of COVID-19 Blood, Lung, and Airway 6 1

Dataset Augmentation Allows Deep Learning-Based Virtual Screening To Better Generalize To Unseen Target Classes, And Highlight Important Binding Interactions 6 4

The nervous system is the major target for Gold nanoparticle: Evidence from RNA sequencing data of C. elegans 6

An automated, high throughput methodology optimized for quantitative cell-free mitochondrial and nuclear DNA isolation from plasma 6

Why do pathway methods work better than they should? 187 6

Pre-existing cutaneous conditions could increase the risk for SARS-COV-2 infection. 6 1

Experimental and natural evidence of SARS-CoV-2 infection-induced activation of type I interferon responses 6 1

Cytoplasmic CPSF6 regulates HIV-1 capsid trafficking and infection in a cyclophilin A-dependent manner 6 3

Discovery and biosynthesis of clostyrylpyrones from the obligate anaerobe Clostridium roseum 6

The use of hybrid data-dependent and -independent acquisition spectral libraries empower dual-proteome profiling 6

Condensin I subunit Cap-G is essential for proper gene expression during the maturation of post-mitotic neurons 177 6 3

Cytoplasmic mRNA decay represses RNA polymerase II transcription during early apoptosis 6 3

Proliferation genes repressed by TGF-β are downstream of Slug/Snail2 in normal bronchial epithelial progenitors and are deregulated in COPD 6 3

Age-dependent glycomic response to the 2009 pandemic H1N1 influenza virus and its association with disease severity 6 1

Notch1 switches progenitor competence in inducing medulloblastoma 6 3

Label-free three-dimensional observations and quantitative characterisation of on-chip vasculogenesis using optical diffraction tomography 6

The influence of peptide context on signalling and trafficking of glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor biased agonists 187 6

STING Promotes Breast Cancer Cell Survival by an Inflammatory-Independent Nuclear Pathway Enhancing the DNA Damage Response 6 3

Quantitative analysis questions the role of MeCP2 as a global regulator of alternative splicing 6

Combined CTL and NK cell cytotoxicity against cancer cells 6

Focused ultrasound blood brain barrier opening mediated delivery of MRI-visible albumin nanoclusters to the rat brain for localized drug delivery with temporal control 6

Differences in mitochondrial activity trigger cell competition during early mouse development. 177 6 3

Location specific small RNA annealing to the HCV 5' UTR promotes Hepatitis C Virus replication by favoring IRES formation and stimulating virus translation 6

Regulation of protein abundance in genetically diverse mouse populations 6

CD45 pre-exclusion from the tips of microvilli establishes a phosphatase-free zone for early TCR triggering 6 3

Cell states beyond transcriptomics: integrating structural organization and gene expression in hiPSC-derived cardiomyocytes 6

Identification of a Nonsense-Mediated Decay pathway at the Endoplasmic Reticulum 6 3

Context-specific functions of Notch in Drosophila blood cell progenitors 177 6 3

Robustness testing and scalability of phosphate regulated promoters useful for two-stage autoinduction in E. coli 6

Localized cell-surface sampling of a secreted factor using cell-targeting beads 6 3

Generation of human bronchial organoids for SARS-CoV-2 research 6 1

A Liquid-to-Solid Phase Transition Enhances the Catalytic Activity of SARM1 6 3

A family of contact-dependent nuclease effectors contain an exchangeable, species-identifying domain 6

CELLector: Genomics Guided Selection of Cancer in vitro Models 6 4

14-3-3ζ mediates an alternative, non- thermogenic mechanism to reduce heat loss and improve cold tolerance 6 3

Genome-wide bioinformatic analyses predict key host and viral factors in SARS-CoV-2 pathogenesis 6 1

Visualization of individual cell division history in complex tissues 6 3

Molecular dynamics reveals complex compensatory effects of ionic strength on the SARS-CoV-2 Spike/hACE-2 interaction 6 1

Mechano-bactericidal nanopillars require external forces to effectively kill bacteria 187 6

rec-Y2H matrix screening reveals a vast potential for direct protein-protein interactions among RNA binding proteins 6 3

An investigation into the critical role of fibre orientation in the ultimate tensile strength and stiffness of human carotid plaque caps 6

Peramivir, an anti-influenza virus drug, exhibits potential anti-cytokine storm effects 6 1

Independent apical and basal mechanical systems determine cell and tissue shape in the Drosophila wing disc 6

Negative controls of chemical probes can be misleading 6

Bystander CD4+ T cells infiltrate human tumors and are phenotypically distinct 6

KCNQ gene family members act as both tumor suppressors and oncogenes in gastrointestinal cancers 6 3

Proposed allosteric inhibitors bind to the ATP site of CK2α 6

The architecture of protein synthesis in the developing neocortex at near-atomic resolution reveals Ebp1-mediated neuronal proteostasis at the 60S tunnel exit 6 3

Degradation of Alzheimers Amyloid-beta by a Catalytically Inactive Insulin Degrading Enzyme 6

Molecularly Targeted Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Spectroscopy 187 6

Optical TrkB activation in Parvalbumin interneurons regulates intrinsic states to orchestrate cortical plasticity 177 6 3 2

Lineage and Spatial Mapping of Glioblastoma-associated Immunity 6 3

Neuronal NOX4 knockdown alleviates pathological tau-related alterations in a humanized mouse model of tauopathy 6 3

GPR183 regulates interferons and bacterial growth during Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection: interaction with type 2 diabetes and TB disease severity 6 3

The role of pregnancy-specific glycoproteins on trophoblast motility in three-dimensional gelatin hydrogels 6

A novel system to map protein interactions reveals evolutionarily conserved immune evasion pathways on transmissible cancers 187 6

The 'hidden side' of spin labeled oligonucleotides: Molecular Dynamics study focusing on the EPR-silent components of base pairing 6

Daily mitochondrial dynamics in cone photoreceptors 6

Integrated intra- and intercellular signaling knowledge for multicelullar omics analysis 6

High-resolution line-scanning reveals distinct visual response properties across human cortical layers 6 2

Clinical Knowledge Graph Integrates Proteomics Data into Clinical Decision-Making 6 4

SAMHD1 promotes oncogene-induced replication stress 6 3

Loss of Complement Factor H impairs antioxidant capacity and energy metabolism of human RPE cells 6 3

A prevalent and culturable microbiota links ecological balance to clinical stability of the human lung after transplantation 6

Optogenetic activation of heterotrimeric Gi proteins by LOV2GIVe - a rationally engineered modular protein 6

Parietal cell-Specific SLC26A9 Deletion induces spontaneous Gastric Carcinogenesis in Mice 6 3

De Novo Discovery of High Affinity Peptide Binders for the SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein 6 1

Single-cell transcriptome analysis reveals cell-cell communication and thyrocyte diversity in the zebrafish thyroid gland 6 3

Specialized DNA structures act as genomic beacons for integration by evolutionarily diverse retroviruses. 6

An active chromatin interactome in relevant cell lines elucidates biological mechanisms at genetic risk loci for dermatological traits 6

A benzene-mapping approach for uncovering cryptic pockets in membrane-bound proteins 6

Causal integration of multi-omics data with prior knowledge to generate mechanistic hypotheses 6 4

Tau in the brain interstitial fluid is fragmented and seeding-competent 6

Germline APOBEC3B deletion in Asian women increases somatic hypermutation in breast cancer that is associated with Her2 subtype, PIK3CA mutations, immune activation, and increased survival 6

Cholesterol metabolism drives regulatory B cell function 6 3

Press xenobiotic disturbance favors deterministic assembly with a shift in function and structure of bacterial communities in sludge bioreactors 6 5

Identifying SARS-CoV-2 entry inhibitors through drug repurposing screens of SARS- S and MERS-S pseudotyped particles 6 1

Release of potential pro-inflammatory peptides from SARS-CoV-2 spike glycoproteins in neutrophil-extracellular traps 6 1

Anterior thalamic function is required for spatial coding in the subiculum and is necessary for spatial memory 6

Mass Spectrometry Imaging of N-Glycans Reveals Racial Discrepancies in Low Grade Prostate Tumors 6

Automated design and optimization of multitarget schizophrenia drug candidates by deep learning 6

Long-term live imaging of epithelial organoids and corresponding multiscale analysis reveal high heterogeneity and identify core regulatory principles 6

Increasing glucose uptake into neurons antagonizes brain aging and promotes health and life span under dietary restriction in Drosophila 6 3

The spatial structure of feedforward information in mouse primary visual cortex 6 2

Metformin improves cognition of aged mice by promoting cerebral angiogenesis and neurogenesis 6 3

Quantifying the monomer-dimer equilibrium of tubulin with mass photometry 6

Tau amyloidogenesis begins with a loss of its conformational polymorphism 6 3

Macrophages Promote Aortic Valve Cell Calcification Through STAT3 Splicing 6 3

GW182 Proteins Restrict Extracellular Vesicle Mediated Selective Export of Used miRNAs In Mammalian Cancer Cells 187 6 3

Lipid droplets disrupt mechanosensing in human hepatocytes 6 3

Multiple freeze-thaw cycles lead to a loss of consistency in poly(A)-enriched RNA sequencing 6 4

Mapping of Neuropeptide Y Expression in Octopus Brains 6

Characterization of interstitial heterogeneity in the developing kidney 187 6 3

Mapping glycan-mediated galectin-3 interactions by live cell proximity labeling 6

Tracking crystallophore nucleating properties: setting-up a database for statistical analysis. 6

Transcriptional changes are regulated by metabolic pathway dynamics but decoupled from protein levels 6 3

Niche-derived soluble DLK1 promotes glioma stemness and growth 6 3

The CD28-transmembrane domain mediates chimeric antigen receptor heterodimerization with CD28 6 3