Resynthesizer history


Resynthesizer 0.14 - for Gimp 2.x - 25 April 2005

This version adds a couple of new parameters, neighbourhood size and search thoroughness, that let you trade off speed with quality.

Resynthesizer 0.13 - for Gimp 2.x - 25 April 2005

This version uses a new robust goodness-of-fit metric to produce higher quality output. It might be said to have a certain degree of common sense.

Resynthesizer 0.12 - for Gimp 2.x - 13 December 2004

This version uses a completely new algorithm from previous versions. It is very much faster, and gives better results. Requires Gimp 2.0, g++.

Resynthesizer 0.11

This is the last version that used the old, slow algorithm:

The tar-balls/zips above also include a number of scripts that use Resynthesizer: an image enlargement script that extrapolates an image's texture to a finer scale (eg from this to this), an image sharpening script that works along similar lines, and a script that erases the current selection by extending surrounding texture to cover it.

Older versions

Version 0.10 added some algorithm tweaks, including use of the L2 norm rather than L1 and an extra refinement pass. Versions 0.10 and 0.11 are therefore slightly different to what I described in my conference paper.

Older versions: resynthesizer-0.8.tar.gz (Gimp-1.3), resynthesizer-0.7.tar.gz (Gimp-1.2).

I also wrote a companion utility, Homogenizer, which removes gradients from images (eg from this to this). The old Resynthesizer worked better on textures without large gradients. For Gimp-1.3, homogenizer-0.5.tar.gz. For Gimp-1.2, homogenizer-0.4.tar.gz. This is not so necessary with the new version.