yaedit: yet another editor


June 21, 2020: Note that this is a python2, gtk2 program using libraries no longer supported by Linux distributions such as Ubuntu version 20.04 and higher. Sad to sunset this tools that has served me for many years. Happily, other editors have caught up in the meantime, with many supporting autosave, and multi-cursors an acceptable replacement to yaedit's prefix editing feature. Widespread adoption of git I think has also driven most editors to implement automatic loading of changes to the underlying file.


May 15, 2012

You will need to Python 2, PyGTK, and python bindings of either gtksourceview or gtksourceview2.

What is it?

yaedit is my rather minimal programmer's editor, based on gtkSourceView. It's been designed to suit my development style, which involves very rapid iterations. My preferred "IDE" is yaedit and a tabbed Gnome terminal window. Anything more is too cluttered.


Yaedit can teach you most of its available keyboard shortcuts by itself. Here are the ones that it currently can't:

Ctrl-Z Ctrl-Shift-Z - undo/redo
Ctrl-X Ctrl-C Ctrl-V - cut/copy/paste
Enter (from within line/find/prefix entries) - return to editing
Enter (from within open entry) - open file


Doesn't have:

Does have:


Send me patches, I reserve the right to reject them. ;-)

This editor is my testbed for UI idioms that have both the learnability of GUI and the efficiency of older idioms.