The technological woods


Phrases associated with increasing complexity

provides an environment for

the format specification for the new file type

the behaviour is defined in the configuration file by

optimized for




version 3 will be incompatible with code written for version 2

using metaclasses we

this paper describes software we have written
(translation: the software works just well enought to publish this paper)

clever, bro

Phrases that raise the lower bar more than the upper, making a system more exclusive

category, monad, functor

Phrases associated with maintaining a set level of complexity

is a library that

written in a style idiomatic to the language

stored in JSON format

the return value is a function of the inputs

Phrases associated with reducing complexity

wrote a test suite so we can refactor the code and know it still works

is a function that sets up an environment in which to run the legacy software

is now a first-class object

can be used with any objects that have the following properties
(i.e. carefully not using words like monoid, group, ring, category, functor, monad, until you need to)