Random color scheme generator


Based on my previous post, I have written a javascript random color scheme generator. It uses CIELAB color space to accurately model opponent-process color perception. For each of the opposing pairs (dark/light, red/green, yellow/blue), one color will be extreme, and one will be middling. I've allowed all possible permutations of these assignments.

Using the parameters I've chosen, the following color combinations are possible:

Additionally, there will be a contrast of dark or light against middling brightness.

Update: After discussing some of these schemes with ctwardy, I've added a further rule: for the red/green/purple/cyan+colorless schemes, the body of the text must be the colorless one.

Appendix: Rarely used color terms

A bluish cyan and a light blue:

We tend not to distinguish between cyan and light blue, which is a pity because light blue is an awesome color.

Magenta, another rarely used color term:

Don't confuse dark magenta (aka Tyrian purple) with dark red or purple.

Both Tyrian purple and what we now call purple have been associated with richness and royalty, but Tyrian purple would be contrasted with gold, whereas our modern purple would be contrasted with white.