The important points have not been underlined


Christianity is about Jesus. The Bible is quite clear on this point. Never mind that he was just some two-bit preacher on the take who didn't mind a footrub and a scalp massage now and then, a fact that is also quite obvious from the Bible. Then there's Peter, quite content to keep his little congregation together and await the apocalypse. Oh, and then this Paul guy. He was really more annoying than holy, ran around all over the place getting people to get their act together, wrote rude letters. But Christianity is basically the institution that Paul created.

During the Dark Ages, scholars would argue endlessly over minor points of doctrine regarding the nature of free will and of God, and the reconciliation of Aristotle with the Bible. Incidentally, they invented predicate logic and systems of proof, and honed them to a fine art. Dark Ages folks, nothing to see there, just marking time till the Renaissance and the Modern Era -- which could never have happened without that background in logic.

There are more examples, I am sure. History changes regularly, not so much in the facts as in the emphasis. The most common error people make is misattribution of importance and causality.