Old man Australia


Men often refer to vehicles of various kinds as "she". Your basic sexist dominance bullshit. It's also common for countries to be female. Hitler felt he was wedded to Germany. John Howard refers to Australia as "she". Britain is a grand matron.

There's a gut level kick to this idea of a leader being wedded to their country. Dominance stuff does that. Put aside for a moment Hitler-as-monster and there's something warm to the concept of him being husband of the country, makes you feel comfy and safe in his manly embrace. Germans didn't collectively decide to be evil, they thought they had a good thing going.

Not a style of leadership I am fond of, I prefer dog leaders. So we could stop being sexist, or we could start calling the country "he". The former is preferable, but the latter is such a sweet political hack it's hard to pass up. You can imagine Australia as a man far easier than as a woman. Old and wrinkled, but with a wiry strength, wearing a loincloth, supporting himself with a big stick. We ain't been treating him too good lately but he's tough as nails, old man Australia is.