Repeating patterns as obsession, garbage as psychosis


The best-fit texture synthesis algorithm occasionally breaks down, either producing a single pattern repeated over and over, or garbage (see Efros and Leung, 1999).

After some experimentation i found that this can occur with both the L1 and L2 norms (i was expecting it to be more likely for the L1 norm, but this seems not to be the case). It seems to occur when the algorithm wanders into territory where there is a lack of good fits in the input texture. This might occur if the input texture is too small or not sufficiently homogeneous.

Note the similarity to the repeating cycles and randomness that frame the edge of chaos. Best-fit synthesis is somewhat similar to cellular automatons, with the rule set defined by the input texture. Told you it was important :-)

I hypothesize that these repeating patterns are analogous to obsessive-compulsive behaviour or repetitive autistic behaviours, and that garbage is analogous to schizophrenic psychosis.

Things that might cause a lack of good fits:

Note that the last two causes can be solved by modifying the environment, not the person.