The real Episode VI


Just watched Star Wars for the n-th time.

Star Wars is a fun film, it's fun because it obeys the cat/dog behaviour rules. Empire Strikes Back also obeys the rules (I think, will have to re-watch to check). Return Of The Jedi does not.

The plot arc, or at least a major plot arc, of Episodes IV, V, and VI is the transformation of Han Solo from a lone immoral alpha male to a loyal follower of the Rebellion and in particular Princess Leia.

It would make a lot more sense in Episode VI for Princess Leia to be a strong character, as she is in the other films. The reason Leia isn't such a strong character is probably that Carrie Fisher was hooked on heroin and could hardly stand upright.

Imagine a quite different Episode VI: The plot is essentially the same, but the details are different. Leia leads to ambush of Jabba. She establishes contact with the (scary!) Ewoks. The ending is her choosing Han, as in the existing film, but the roles in the relationship are reversed.

I've been noticing that the films/tv series/books I like all seem to obey cat/dog behaviour rules. I suspect it is what makes them good. I must list the character role assignments for Buffy and Sluggy some day.