Solar fan


Solar powered garden lights are popping up everywhere. Here in Australia, they're about AU$15 at the supermarket now. The big deal with solar powered lighting is probably going to be in places that have never had electricity, and it's likely to be a very big deal indeed. The design of a solar light is very sweet: no wiring, no configuration, no ongoing cost, it just works. The whole electricity generation/delivery infrastructure is completely out of the loop.

What else can solar panels power like this? How about a solar powered fan? It doesn't even need batteries. It comes on when you need it (when the sun is shining and heating things up). There's no guilt about wasting electricity, it can be on all the time.

So, I'm now the proud owner of a ~4 watt solar panel, and a small 12 volt "muffin" computer fan. And my bedroom, which used to get stinking hot in summer, now has a continuous light breeze.

When you think about it, still air is quite unnatural. Who knows what strange vapours are building up, not to mention dust? When you go outside, there's always a slight breeze. And a breeze just plain feels nice.