Music is a sample of textured sound


Music is patterned, it has texture. This can be stated with mathematical crispness, allowing the automated composition of music.

The formulation is the same as for Sparrowfall Design Notes. Sparrowfall's design can be used essentially unchanged to compose music. We have that

We may then sample a piece of music, using the Metropolis algorithm (as in Sparrowfall).

To produce different styles of music, different prior beliefs about the nature of the music's texture may be stated, for example:

A theme may be incorporated into the music. The theme is treated as a seperate, fixed strand of texture (possibly given greater weight than the actual music, so as not to be drowned out by the computer's inventions). This then affects the texture model, which then expresses the theme and variations on it in the main strand. Several themes might be combined in this way, or if a particular style is to be emulated, a large library of samples of music in that style could be used.

This also ties in with my previous blog entry on noise removal in images.