Sexism: spreading from computer science to biology


Working occasionally with two junior researchers, one female, one male. Wonder if I'm being fair. Both wet/dry, both learning a bit of R+, excellent combo to be developing skills in. Woman is shy, hesitant, but putting in quite a lot of work. Man is confident despite a bad honours year, and taller than me, solidly built. Shows me his code, impressive for someone new to programming, loops and functions and so on. Maybe he has some latent skills from growing up with computers, and I'm seeing his current level rather than rate of growth? Is there some problem in my own manner?

Wednesday I spent time in a meeting pulling apart the woman's statistics; p=0.14, not correcting for multiple testing, why are you pursuing this? She's trying to make the best of poor data, with considerable stubbornness, in the sort of deathmarch project that backs up one under-powered experiment with another under-powered experiment, working with people who think that if you have a time series you don't need replicates, and expect a meaningful comparison between in-vivo brain tissue with a brain-cancer cell line.