We haven't won, we just got enough power to censor them


Not saying that's a bad thing. Censorship prevents coordination, and it's much easier to win over individuals than a coordinated resistance. Censorship has saved a lot of lives, and let a lot more people live fulfilling lives. But it's not over.

Censorship isn't perfect. There are always coded messages in popular culture, and now there's the internet for coordinated action.

Google wants to destroy anonymity. Lots of governments want that too. It would work if they could do it, at the price of everything we believe in, and anyway it can't be done. The Tor Onion Router demonstrates this. The more traffic in the network, the more that can be hidden, and the trend is for more and more traffic.

Historically our beliefs are extraordinarily weird. The dangerous thing about censorship is that we've convinced ourselves that those who disagree with us are merely crazy and stupid and a tiny minority, and that ours is the only possible way of thinking.

Except we've seen enough times a public contradiction of our beliefs be popular by an apparently sane and intelligent public, and our reaction is ugly. We want to physically harm that public speaker, like they're somehow making people believe things they don't want to believe. If they'd just be quiet everything would be fine.