Rockstar job market


In the future, the job market is going to look a lot like Valve Software. A company of rock stars, no defined roles, you are either adding value or not. It's not for everyone. It's not for most people. Valve isn't a charity, it doesn't owe people a job.

We've come a long way on the idea that everyone is owed a job, that if they're good enough you deserve a life-long career. We've rigged and rigged the system to keep it going, but it's still falling apart. Capitalism outgrew and swatted aside the invisible hand of nationalism.

So, take that seriously. Let capitalism do the thing that it does well, and let government and volunteer organizations do the other things that need doing. Your employer doesn't owe you a job, a retirement plan, healthcare, a fullfilling experience, a place to get away from the kids, people to boss around. Your academic study does not entitle you to job fullfillment or an academic position. Society perhaps should give you a universal wage, and encourage you to get a hobby. By all means pursue your interests. Publish in a journal! Well, blog. Maybe one day, for a while, you'll have that particular mix of skills that is actually useful, and you'll get a job for a while. Chances are heavily against it. Or maybe you'll help get someone started who is actually useful, teach them the rudiments of a skill they'll soon excel you in. In the meantime, be happy, make a few other people happy, and try not to get in the way of people with real jobs.

This is the good outcome, the one in which most people don't die.