Knowledge of good and evil


Can there be joy without innocence? Only the innocent can live in the garden of eden. Once one tastes knowledge of good and evil, one is cast out into a world of pain. If there can not be joy without innocence, we who are not innocent must protect those who are.

Further, how can there be good without evil? There must always be a balance. There must always be justice. Therefore, sometimes we must do bad things to protect our innocent, things they need not know about.

Old ideas...

Innocence is a deception, it denies its victim hope of transcendence. How dare you think you know better than they what is best for them?

As if explicitly stating the threat option in a repeated coordination game or repeated prisoner's dilemma game somehow sullies the whole thing. No, we can't all just get along just because it's nice to be nice. We can't change human nature and all live in a Christian/communist utopia, because human nature is driven by game theory, and game theory can't be changed. But we can get along if we both know the other can walk away and thus hurt us both.

Game theory says sometimes the best strategy is random. Thus there can only be justice on the average. Lay your bets, sometimes lose, more often win. Joyfully.