The Australian Arbiters


Another idea for a political party :-)

An odd party. It's a dog party, it doesn't have any policies. It's also slightly autistic, it doesn't step in until someone's seriously out of line, but when that happens it steps in hard. And (this will be the hardest one to get into the habit of) it's honest. Totally, brutally honest, all the time. Not merely not lying, but going out of its way to discover flaws in itself. This is necessary in order to establish trust, something lacking in existing parties due to their constant pushing of their own party line.

It's not trying to get into power on its own, it's just aiming for the balance of power. The aim is that people will come to see an Arbiter contingent as a necessary part of government. "Your government works better with Aribters(tm)"

Two primary roles:

The latter role being unusual and slightly shocking. Our society believes in freedom, and a large part of this is freedom from judgement. The Arbiters, however, are a party that believes the truth is out there, and that reality is not just what you believe. Cat parties are unable to render judgement effectively, because they are always pushing an agenda of their own.

In the current political situation, existance of this party would free Labor from having to take on the dog role (which it does badly, as it has policies).