Trinity, authority, free will


The Christian concept of god is of a "trinity" of father, son, and spirit, the spirit being the relationship (love) between father and son. The interesting thing about this concept is that the relationship is accorded as much importance as its participants. The spirit seems to be a sort of emergent phenomenon, with god being more than the sum of his parts. Note also that the parts are different in nature, components that fit together rather than things of the same type.

I know this pattern, it's a cat and dog relationship!

This also explains the origin of the concept of free will: the son may refuse the father. The father proposes, the son accepts or rejects. This ties in with god being a personal god, the source of morality which we either accept or reject. The story of Adam and Eve reflects this: Eve, begotten of Adam and having free will, chooses to reject god's command.

Islam rejects the concept of trinity, and also (i think, please correct me if i'm wrong) of free will: there is no god but god, and all that happens does so because it pleases him that it should happen in that way. Thus Islam denies the concept of god providing a personal moral impulse that we may choose to obey: temptations such as alchohol or the sight of the female form must be strictly forbidden.

This trinity of God is, of course, eternal and unchanging, and here it all becomes a wee bit nasty. The father shall always be the father, the son always the son. And as it is in heaven, so shall it be on earth. There shall be hierarchy. Those who lead, and those who follow (or not). God the father is the source of all authority, and god's total structure is the very definition of authority. There shall be kings, and there shall be subjects. In marriage the wife shall obey the husband. To deny this is to deny your eternal life with god, to deny Christ.

This is the traditional perspective of Christianity, from which we have drifted in recent years. Trinity is Christianity, and to the extent this doctrine is weakened supposed Christians become less Christian. Without trinity and its everyday consequences, Christianity has no basis and becomes a mere assemblage of arbitrary rules. The true Christianity is what the right would have us return to: "family values" meaning the traditional family structure with the man as the head of the household, a father figure as president or prime minister, a hierarchical society.

So the new-style Christianity is no answer. To demand equality literally destroys the spirit. Relationships are composed of different roles, and are impossible if the participants play equal roles. The relationship just doesn't stick together any more.

When the left says "no", it is an expression of free will that fits perfectly into the trinitarian ontology. The right leads, the left keeps it in check, and the whole is our system of governement. The mess we are in is not a consequence of the right, but the total system. It will not suffice for the left to win the upcoming elections as, without an alternative to trinity, they can only try to minimize the damage. In any case, with the return of traditional Christianity, they may well not win.

Oh yeah... don't think you can escape all this by being atheist. This stuff is deeper than that, it's the things so fundamental that you have not even thought to question them.