Tell me teacher, what's my lesson?


[I am reading up on autism, currently reading Asperger's initial paper. Recent blog entries relate to my responses to this literature, some of which are a little contrarian. Also they're partly notes to myself.]

When a teacher says "well done Donnie, good work" with great pleasure, that pleasure is a simulation (aka lie). Simulating affect is an effective and common method of teaching.

Simulating affect perfectly would involve a whole lot of different modifications to behaviour. For example, to simulate happiness you need to smile, crinkle eyes, add a lilt to the voice, not make abrupt movements, be relaxed, assume an easy posture, and so on.

A person who pays most attention to unusual features might be fooled simply by an exagerated smile. A person who does not pay more attention to unusual features would not be so fooled. They might not even recognize a big smile as an attempt to fool them.

Sally and Anne are bloody puppets. They don't have minds. D'uh.