Storyteller bloggers have power



Bruce Sterling

Orson Scott Card

Cory Doctorow

These three people are authors of speculative fiction and bloggers. Though they seem to have arrived at this combination by accident rather than design, they have ended up with significant cultural and/or political power. Their stories gain them acceptance, and their factual writing then shows how their stories apply to real life.

It's a combination that might be explicitly pursuded by wannabe prophets such as myself. :-)

Is it a valid form of power?

I am currently reading "Story" by David McKee. McKee says that character and story are the same thing. Character (moral fibre, beliefs, human nature) determines how people in the story act, the sum of their actions adding up to the story itself. Thus a story can be seen as an exploration of the consequences of a specific moral code.

David McKee also says that for a story to be popular it must be true. It must correspond to how people would actually behave, and be not cliché but a fresh insight, or the audience will reject it. Thus popular stories are those stories that capture a true aspect of human nature and possibility.

It seems reasonable to grant power to people who can find new true stories and apply them to the real world.