Segregation. Apartheid. We got rid of all that. Didn't we?

We all now live in one big global village. Everyone knows that. But what's with the strictly limited migration, big concrete borders with lots of guards? What's the purpose of all that?

Well, obviously, we'd be over-run by all the people seeking a better life in Australia or the USA or Europe.

It would completely ruin the neighbourhood.

All those black people.

Taking our jobs.

What else can we call it? It's segregation. We've got a global village now, and it's segregated. We should stop it from being segregated.

But. We'll lose our jobs (or, at most, get paid peanuts (just like them)). They might even vote themselves into power.

Fuck it. It's not like we've done such a good job running things. Let someone else have a go. If segregation ends, we lose and they gain. That's ok. We lose a little, they gain a lot. It's the right thing to do.