John Howard, unmasked


John Howard is leader of the ruling, right wing party in Australia, and a very evil man. His stock in trade is to create fear, of foreigners, of terrorists, of the poor, then promise to relieve that fear. It's the typical modus operandi of a cult leader. Much of his success comes from his virtuoso control of body language. He has a broad "Honest John" grin, a twinkle in his eye. When necessary, his voice has a catch to it that tugs at the heart, as if he is about to cry with pride.

Many people have criticised his policies, exposed his lies, the hatred and fear he inspires. But against such maestro body language, words fail. We need to get behind the mask, and show him for what he is. The image on the left is my attempt to do so. Through the magic of the GIMP, we can peel back the media image to reveal his true face.

Here is a larger version, suitable for printing:

Do with it as you will. Print it on stickers. Put it in odd places. Because if this man does not invoke cold fury in you by now, you've been had.

Update 28/12/05: Here's a T-Shirt design Jessamine made based on this image. Yay open source politics!

I feel I must add a slight qualification to this post. If John Howard doesn't invoke cold fury in you by now, you've been had, and therefore won't be too pleased about having your lord and saviour mocked. A less satisfying but more effective approach might be to follow Dale Carnegie's principles.